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Dyslexic Talents in STEM: Chemistry [Premium]

Dyslexic Talents in STEM: Chemistry [Premium]

"Through most of high school, I hated math and science. It wasn’t until my senior year when I took AP statistics and AP chemistry that I discovered that I enjoyed solving challenging analytical problems. After I graduate in May, I plan to pursue a graduate degree in...

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Managing Information with Concept Maps [Premium]

Managing Information with Concept Maps [Premium]

Although many people may use the terms "concept map" and "mind map" interchangeably, mind maps tend to be simpler, relating information to a central topic, whereas concept maps seek to cover more complex subjects, relating different parts to each other. Concept maps...

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Education Where Things Are Now & Looking Ahead To Fall Semester [Premium]

Education Where Things Are Now & Looking Ahead To Fall Semester [Premium]

As expected, many students have experienced learning loss because of school changes related to the pandemic. As new cases fall and immunizations rise, school plans begin to take shape.   Although some educational reports have tried to take a rosy picture of the...

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