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Karina Eide Young Writers Awards

Next Application period starts in January 2021

Karina Eide Young Writers Awards


CONGRATULATIONS 2019 Karina Eide Young Writers Winners!    PDF HERE



Download pdf HERE.

CONGRATULATIONS to the Karina Eide Young Writers Award Winners 2017!!


Karina Eide Writing Award Winners 2016

Dyslexic Advantage Congratulates all Karina Eide Writing Award Winners 2015!


Karina Young Writers Award Winners 2015


Alexa, 11, Planning for Doomsday
Erin, 13, Fairy Tale – Zeref vs End
Michael, 11, Alex and the Elf Princess
Emily, 17, Jason the III
Quinn, 15, Living Forever in an Infinitely Small Moment


Oliver, 11, Done Things, But Haven’t Been Places
Claire, 10, I am a Bright Birch
Adam, 7, Games
Noah, 8, The Moon
Ethan, 14, Rubix
Laura, 16, Where I Come From
Kamryn, 16, Eating My Words
Nicole, 17, Run Away to Join the Circus


Jack, 13, Lost Boy
Caragan, 12, Tall Tale
Ethan, 12, Old Car
Cairo, 12, Argon’s Tales
Camden, 8, Fruit Family
Lauren, 10, Dyslexic Dogs
Lily, 9, Pickpocket Giraffes
Emmett, 14, Naked and Afraid
Lucy, 14, Resistance
Caroline, Luminescence

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