MIND Strengths Charts

For our MIND strengths survey, we initially emailed an invitation and Internet link to 12,291 members of the Dyslexic Advantage Forum, which consists primarily of dyslexic individuals and their family members, teachers, tutors, and assessment professionals.

Some 2,293 adults over the age of eighteen completed at least one of the four surveys, one for each of the MIND strengths.

The surveys contained 91 questions in all. In total, 5,070 surveys were completed. Participants were asked to assign themselves to one of four dyslexia risk levels; answers from two of these groups are presented here: Definitely Dyslexic (i.e., had been formally identified as dyslexic on the basis of a professionally administered assessment), and Definitely Not Dyslexic (or showing none of a list of common dyslexia- associated symptoms). After analysis, 64 total were selected as showing both significant differences in the responses between dyslexic and nondyslexic participants, and high correlation to the respective MIND strength concept by principal component analysis.

Would you like to take the full MIND strengths survey?  The survey is available from the Neurolearning app from the Apple store for iOS or Google Play store for Android users. You do not need to purchase the Neurolearning dyslexia screening app to take the survey.



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