You think you may be Dyslexic?

Take the Dyslexia Screening Test

** This test in only a simple dyslexia checklist for adults.  Comprehensive dyslexia testing by a qualified professional is the best way to make a formal determination. For a more detailed online test, check out our partner NEUROLEARNING that has recently released a confidential iPad-based test for ages 7 and up. That app actually tests a child or adult’s skills, identifies strengths and weaknesses, and provides a detailed report based on that performance. The test takes about 1 hour and is currently on sale for $24.99 (bulk discounts too). Some results on that test may qualify for free ebooks from Bookshare.

“Finally a fantastic dyslexia screener!” – Seattle Dyslexia Consulting. Three percent of any profit  is donated to Dyslexic Advantage.

The simple checklist below was originally developed by Ian Smythe and John Everett (2001).**

The possible outcomes of this checklist are:

– Unlikely
– Mild-to-Moderate
– Moderate-to-Severe



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