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Premium 41

Higher Education
Survival Tips High School
Systems Engineer
Finding a Niche as a Chef
Misreading Questions and Syntax
Organized Class: Math
Routine for Dyslexic Students
Dyslexia in the Workplace

Premium 42
Golf and Dyslexia
Prep for Disclosing in Interviews
Creative & Cognitive Control
Spelling Teaching to Strengths or WEakness?
Dysgraphia: Unrecognized Cause of Underachievement
Knowing What to Ask for: College Accommodations
Dyslexia and Higher Math

Premium 43

App Technology Review for Kids, College,Workplace, Life

Premium 44
Back to School
What is Dyslexia for Teachers
Prep for Parents and Students
Understanding Structured Literacy
Reading, Writing, Math, Foreign language
Premium 45
Dyslexia Invention
Landing Your First Job
Writing Strategies
Dyslexia and Computer Programming
Diagramming Word PRoblems
Working Memory
Handwriting and Dyslexia – What About Cursive?

Premium 46
Gifted and Dyslexic
Strengths of Young Dyslexics
Math Gifted Student?
Dyslexia and Math
Reading Music
Writing from Imagination
Becoming More rResilient
Gifted Dyslexics in High School and University
Writing for Gifted Dyslexics

Premium 47
When Learning Is’t Automatic Procedural Memory
Don Montague Inventor
Procedural Memory
Dyslexia and Visual Processing for Teahers
Problem Solving By Insight
Expressive Language Difficulties
Assigning Texts that Students Can’t Read

Premium 48
Correcting Reading
Digital Porftolios
Project Based Learning
How an SLP Helped a College Student with Foreign Language Requirements
Proportional Reasoning
Falling in Love with Film

Premium 49
Dyslexia and the Teen Years
Finding Self Confidence
When Reading Interventions Fail
Gifted Students Share Tips
Fractions as Relationships
Dyslexia Work Productivity Hacks

Premium 50
Dyslexia and Cognition
Work Hacks
Does Sequencing Matter?
Grammar and Reading Comprehension
Driving with Dyslexia
Dyslexia and Math Estimation
Teaching Reading to Adults

Premium 51
Dyslexia; Girls vs Boys
Donna Sakar Tech Leaer
The Logic of Spelling
Mind the Gap: School to Work
From Talking to Typing or Writing By Hand
How to Teach Math to Avoid Directional Confusion

Premium 52
Orton Gillingham Games
Multi-Level Reading Online
Dyslexia and Humor
Dyslexia and Note Taking
Dyslexia and Covid Closings
‘Doing’ Math
Dyslexia, Music, Empathy

Premium 53
Heroes on the Front Lines
Talking to Your Kids About Covid-19
Online Learning and Video Conference
Dyslexia at Home
Switching to Remote Tutoring
Online Math Options

Premium 54
Schooling at Home: Dyslexia
Rising to the Zoom Challenge
Cheat Sheets, Guides
Pattern Finders: Dyslexic Brilliance
Must-Haves Transitioning to College

Premium 55
Finding the Right Tools When Information Doesn’t Click
The Dyslexic English Teacher
A Statistician with Dyscalculia
Tackling Timed Writing
Entrepreneur Mind

Premium 56
What to Do Next: Pandemic Planning
Decision Making in the Midst of Uncertainty
The Writing Process
Tackling Email
Multisensory Science
Everyone a Maker
Teaching Through Real World and Worked Examples

Premium 57
Crisis Schooling: Dyslexia
Bob Ballard Ocean Explorer
There’s a Tutor for That
Temperament & Learning
What About High School
Fractions and Word Problems
Free Resources for Grammar
If you Haven’t Done This…

Premium 58
Screenwriter Max Brooks
Making the Most of a Pandemic Gap Year
Making Sense of Math
Management for Success
Dyslexia and Second Languages
Can’t Finish a Book – What to Do
How to Help with Writing without Writing It Yourself
Online Whiteboard Collaborations

Premium 59
Finding Mentors
How to Pass Algebra 2
What Public Schools Use for “Struggling Readers”
Multisensory Dyslexia
Fantasy Storytellers
Q & A: “Not Dyslexic Anymore”
Don’t Lose Your School Services
Emerging Dyslexia Research

Premium 60
Falling in Love with Words
Writing Through Imitation
Organization for Creatives
Do I Need to Switch Curricula?
Multisensory Music Education
Making Digital Math Cards
Dividing Fractions
Design Your Life

Premium 61
Understanding Processing Speed
Guiding and Teaching Tortoises and Hares
Sneaky Ways to Get Kids Reading
Strong Emotional Responses in Dyslexia
Emotional Resilience
Developing Spatial Intelligence

Premium 62
Interconnected Learning
Dyslexia and Social Studies
Tip of the Tongue
Answer Apps: Learning in Reverse

Daydreaming While Reading

Helping with Homework If You’re Not a Wiz Yourself

Premium 63
Nonverbal Dyslexic Super Powers
Reading Fluency

Dyslexia, College, Computer Programming,
Free Structured Literacy Resources
Math Understanding with Diagrams
Not Giving Up on a Second Language

Premium 64
Tenet Actor David Washington
Writing: Elaboration

Great Dyslexic Book Reviewers
Clever RepeatedReading
Dyslexia and Algebra

Premium 65
Dyscalculia and Dysgraphia: The Double Whammy

Positives Dyslexia College
Quick vs Slow: Remediation
Dyslexia and Two Languages
Benefits of Graphic Novels
Math Games

Premium 66
Tech Guide

Best Apps for Learning Productivity Organization

Essential Tech
Why Many Dyslexics Thrive with Technology

Premium 67

Cognitive Overload
Hands-on Math with Ronit Bird

Justin Johnson Tech Executive
Concept Maps

Dyslexic Talents in STEM: Chemistry
Looking Ahead to School: Beyond COVID

Premium 68

Team Building with Tech Exec Jim Keller
Irregular Words
Environments That Work

Resilient Readers
Discrepancies in Math

Sports and teh Great Outdoors


Premium 69
What Kind of Dysgraphia?
White Noise Improves Reading Skills and Memory
Dr Sara Renzulli: Learning
Dysgraphia Examples
How to Keep Writing
Math Using Multiple Representations

Earlier Premium Article Listing


Gifted Writers
Finding ‘IT’ Dyslexic Epiphany
Sight words and orthographic mapping
Directional Issues and Math
Wild Guess and Read Aloud
High School: Done with Orton Giillingham, Temperament, and More


Alternative Schools
Dyslexia and Coaching
Dyslexia and Auditory processing
Great Resources for Adults
Becoming an SLP & Conquering French
The ‘OTHER’ Box on High Stakes Tests
The Dyslexic Professor

Thinking in Words vs Pictures
Visual Strategies
Highs and Lows of Visual Thinkers
Encouraging Reluctant talkers
Mixed Visual Learner
Realia in the Classroom
Verbally Gifted Dyslexics
Visual Strategies Algebra
Tackling Prepositions
Kanban Your Workflow

Dyslexia and Time
Speed Hacks
Mission Impossible Hustle
Creativity and Time
Rush to Finish
Failure to Start
Common Math Misconceptions
Middle School Reading

Profiles in Courage
Processing Speed and Giftedness
The Strength Switch
High Stakes Tests
The Late Bloom
Tips for Academic Writing
Resources to Help..If You Know What to Ask For
Dyslexia and Math: Dividing By Fractions
Learning Foreign Languages

ISSUE 35  Multisensory
Dyslexic Spies at GCHQ
Multisensory Masters
Why Multisensory and Dyslexia
Multisensory Strategies for Memory
Multisensory Writing
Reading Long Words
When a Curriculum Isn’t Working
Multisensory Higher Math: Algebra
Higher Math Tips from PhD Gary McGregor

ISSUE 34 Working Memory
Forgetful Geniuses
Working memory, intelligence, and creativity
Working Memory and Reading
Mindmapping Reading
Science Teaching and Working Memory
Working Memory Hacks for Work
Working Memory and Bilingual or Multilingual students
Reducing the Working Memory Pain in Math
Learning from Mistakes in Math,

ISSUE 33  Dyslexia and Work
Accommodations for Work
New School Year
What’s Slow and What’s Not for Slow Processing
Entrepreneur Tips
Math: Making Change
Dyslexia & Foreign Language
Sample Letter for Teachers

ISSUE 32  Back to School 2018-2019
Fast Facts for Teachers
Decoding Reading
Dyslexia-Specific Reading Programs
Reading for Older Readers
Reading Fluency
Writing & Spelling – 7 Common Accommodations
Writing Strategies
How to Correct Writing
Accommodations and Modifications Made Easy
Top Dyslexia Accommodations for: Reading, Writing, Math, Social Studies, Science, Foreign Language, English Language Learners
Dyslexia and More Videos



National Geographic Photographer
Long Words
Teaching Math,
2E Gifted with Dyslexia
Applying to College
Strategies for Spelling
Bilingual and Dyslexic


2018-2019 TECH GUIDE – Best Apps and Gadgets for Reading and Listening, Writing and Notetaking, Organization and Study, and Math


Dyslexic Physicists
Non-Linear Path to Success
What to Do This Summer
Resources for Hi-Low Readers
Math Strategies for Dyslexic Engineering Students
Tests to Determine Math Accomodations
Free Online Reading Resources for Older Students
Resources for Auditory Processing and English Language Learners
Self-Advocacy with Henry Reiff
Spelling and SIght Word Apps

New Mayor Tim Keller
Thinking Like an Entrepreneur
Dyslexia and Job Interviews
Who are Math-Gifted Dyslexics?
Math Accommodations
Fluency Practice with Readers’ Theater
Reading Fluency Solo
Positive Ways to Correct Reading
Foreign Language
Help for Negative Thinking

Jimmy Iovine and the Music Industry
How I Do It – Doctors with Dyslexia
Writing: Where to Start
Writing Essays
Multisensory Writing in University
Better in Grad School? Self-Advocacy
Tips for Surviving Grad School
Visualizing Decimals
Dyslexia at Work: Accessing Proprietary Documents
What About Sign Language
Teaching Writing to Students with Dyslexia
Dr Nicoles Mini-Write Routine

Father Goose
Kahoot! CEO
Informal Tests of Reading
Dyspraxia and Independence
Forgetting Can Make You Smarter
Tips From a Literacy Math Coach
Question About Testing
High School Trigonometry
Foreign Language Disability?
How Fast is Fast Enough for Reading Comprehension?
Self-Advocacy for College Students

Shape of Water – Sally Hawkins
Jenny Dearborn Top Silicon Valley Executive
Handwriting and Processing Speed
Verbal Dyspraxia
The Big Picture with Dyspraxia
Teaching Statistics and Probability
2E Gifted Dyslexia
Teaching Spanish to Dyslexic Students

Extreme Adventurers
Michael Shainblum – World Photographer and Videographer
WeWork CEO Adam Neumann
Never Give Up
First Hand Knowledge of Dyslexia
Dyslexia Reading & Writing – Signal Words
Hands-On Conic Sections (Algebra 2 / Precalculus)
Dyslexia and Showing Work
“Not Gifted Anymore” and other Mistakes Involving Gifted Dyslexic Students
Quick Tips – Foreign Languages

Dyslexia and Sailing
Positive Strategies for College
Moving to Learn: The Upside to Fidgeting
Dyslexia-Friendly Foreign Language Instruction
Dyslexia and Multiple Choice Tests
Dyslexia and Multisensory Algebra
Don’t Require Copying From the Board
Tricky Words: Inflectional Suffixes
Entrepreneurs: What Worked for Us

Dr Don Francis Ebola Hunter
Video Game Composer Lorne Balfe
Adult Dyslexics Better at Metaphor Generation
Organizing Tips for the Dyslexic Academic
Math: Helping Students with Symbol Confusion
The Trouble with Little Words
Punch Above Your Weight With Pre-Reading
Gifted & Dyslexic: Which Class is Best?
Gifted & Dyslexia Resources

Richard Engel, NBC Foreign Correspondent
Realistic Confidence
Organized Notes
Big Picture for Classes
Big Picture for Literature
What to Expect with the Remediated Student
Dyslexia and Giftedness
Reflections on the 5 Paragraph Essay
What To Do If a Reading Curriculum Doesn’t Work
Hidden Fractions
How Can I Help My Daughter

What is Dyslexia (Learning to Read, Different Ages, Strengths)
Reading and Dyslexia (Decoding, Dyslexia-Specific Programs, Multisensory, Visual Strategies for Reading and Spelling, Word Retrieval, Long Words, Reading Fluency)
Writing and Spelling (7 Common Accommodations, Writing Strategies, Students Who Won’t Write, Syntax and Grammar, Spelling)
Accommodations and Modifications (Reading, Writing math, Social Studies, Science, Foreign Language, English Language Learners)
Dyslexia & More Videos

Curiosity Conversations with Hollywood Producer Brian Grazer
Talking to Mind Map
Why IQ is Important for Dyslexic Students
Executive Function in the Real World
Executive Function in Pictures
Reading Fluency for Kids and Grownups
Visual Fractions with Jennifer Plosz
How I Did It – Homeschooling to Charter School, to Engineer

Fast Facts
Audiobooks for Kids
Reading & Language
Progress Monitoring
Writing, Spelling, and Note-taking
Typing or Word Processing
Executive Function
Math and 

ISSUE 17 Gifted & 2E
Crunching Numbers with Douglas Merrill
Gifted: Does It Matter?
Twice Exceptional with Dan Peters
Why a Niche is Important
The Overexcitable Creative Brain
Social and Emotional
Working Memory Hacks
Gifted with Dysgraphia
Strategies for Math: Ratios and Proportions
Great Apps

ISSUE 16 – Visual Perception
Masters of Visual Perception – Oakes Brothers
The Curious History of Mirror Writing
A Chat with Delos Smith
Letter Confusion and Mirror Reversals
Reversals and Strategies to Help
The Truth About Lefties
Teaching Writing to a Left-Handed Student
Could It Be Dyslexia?
Step-By-Step Beginning Reading Program
Which Is It – Addition or Subtraction?
What About Calculus?
Self-Esteem and Making Sense of Dyslexia
Virgin Money Business Winner Katie Fleming

Scientist Sir Ray Avery
I Got My Job in Logistics
Planning for the Future
Creativity Boost
Testing for Dyslexia
Choosing Tests
Processing Speed and Writing
How to Test & Grade the Dyslexia-Friendly Way
Gifted with ADD
Teaching Algebra with Manipulatives
Teaching to Strengths vs. Weaknesses
Grammar Teaching with Songs

  Thinking in 3D
Ultrasound Pioneer
Teaching to Dyslexic Strengths
Making Math Images
If A Child Can’t Make Images
ADHD & Reading
What Your Can Learn from A Child’s Writing
Strategies for Common Spelling Mistakes
Dropping Out Because of Foreign Language
Bilingualism & Dyslexia
Strength-Based Parenting Lowers Children’s Stress

Thinking Differently
Dyslexic Innovator Behind Swatch
Susan Butcher, 4x Iditarod Champion
Math – Showing Not Saying
MIT Research: Repetition as a Poor Way to Teach Dyslexics
Is it important to identify Dyscalculia with Dyslexia?
Why Slow Processing?
How to Answer Open Ended Prompts
Improving Reading Fluency by Listening
Apps ( Speech and Phonology, Reading and Language Comprehension, Speech Assessment)
Notes for All
Paper Cutting Art by Hans Christian Andersen

ISSUE 12 NOV 2016 Dyslexia: Twenty-Something Years
How I Got My Job: Non-Profit Executive Director
Effects of Classroom Culture
Bridging the Gap: Reading Long Words
Dyslexia: Sequential vs. Spatial
Latest Research: Spatial Learners
Teaching Earth Science & Geography
Memory: Why Drill Can Kill
Quick Tips for Parent Teacher Conferences
Telling Time with Manipulatives
Teaching Students to Become Proofreaders
Popular Premium Videos

11 OCT 2016
Organizing Creativity
Stealth Dyslexia
Self Image
Memorizing for School
What Worked for 2E Gifted Dyslexics
Art Therapy for Dysgraphia
Hands-On Math for Fractions
More Interactive Reading Strategies
Mastering Foreign Languages and More

10 SEPT 2016
What’s Your Greatest Super Power?
3 Strength-Based Strategies for Success
What to Do If a Curriculum Doesn’t Work
Dyslexia & Herd Aversion
Sorting Out Dyslexia & ADHD
Q : Can a Person Be Both Dyslexic & Autistic?
Teaching Chemistry to Students with Dyslexia
How Dyslexic MIND Strengths Integrate with Multiple Intelligences
How Can I Introduce Complexity and Depth to Students
Math: Preferring to Work Alone
Navigating the Difficult Road of Giftedness & Dyslexia – One Parent Shares

9 AUGUST 2016
Prolific designer Chuck Harrison
Dyslexia for Teachers in 5 Minutes
Dyslexia at Middle School
Archeology – Profession of Dyslexics?
Teaching Science to Students with Dyslexia
Interactive Word Walls
Math Journal Club: Fractions
Understanding Slow Processing Speed
Pick Classes Like a Pro
Harry Potter Star and Dyspraxia
Fast Facts
Examples of Dysgraphia
Dyslexia at Work Tips – Including Dyslexic Physicians

8 JULY 2016
Gifted with Dysgraphia
Working Memory Hacks
Imposter Syndrome
New Dyslexia Gene and Auditory Processing
Top School Early Dyslexia Screeners
Tips for Teaching Math
How to Remember
Spelling strategies, and more

7 JUNE 2016
Dyslexia MIND – Wired for Innovation
Robert Ballard – Dyslexic Ocean Explorer
“Smart” Executive Function
Exclusive Writing Webinar with Dr. Nicole Swedberg
Could Dyslexia and Dysgraphia Affect IQ?
Dyslexia and IQ: What Must You Know
Writing Without Reversals
Multisensory Learning
Math: Algebra
A School Psychologist Asks: How Do I Identify Dyslexia?
Gifted Dyslexics at School

6 MAY 2016
Finding Life’s Calling – Rebecca Kamen
Are Your a Visual Thinker?
From Lemonade Stand to CEO- Adam Kearney
Summer Ideas for Entrepreneur Kids
Boys vs. Girls – Why Boys are Falling Behind
How to Help Boys in the Classroom
Dyslexia and Foreign Language
Writing Tips for Kids Who Hate to Write
Are Standardized Tests making Kids Anxious?
Strategies to Reduce Anxiety in the Classroom
What Would You Do? A 2nd Grader
Dyslexia and Reading: Practical Strategies

5 APRIL 2016
How to Thrive – Developing Self-Efficacy
Music and Dyslexia
Dyslexia and Speech Difficulties
Dyslexia for Teachers in 5 Minutes (Video)
Latest Research Dyslexia
ADHD, and Giftedness
Modifying Tests for Dyslexics and ELL
What Works for Dyslexia and RTI
Summer is Coming – Camps, Tune-Ups, Fun Reads or Listens
Doing Math: Inchworm vs. Grasshopper
Reframing Dyslexia
Finding Life Success

4 MARCH 2016
Dr. Cathy Drennan: Chemistry Pioneer
Why Are So Many Dyslexics Good at Science?
Why Teachers Should Teach Science Fiction
Meet Dennis Kleid- DNA Innovator
Dyslexia: 3 Common Test Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
Academic Vocabulary for Dyslexic Students
Double Time Accommodations for Dysgraphia and Dyslexia
How Do Many Successful Adults Become Readers?
Growth Mindset and Dyslexia
Beautiful Minds: What New Research Shows Dyslexia and Artists Have in Common
Quick Tips for Teachers, Tutors, and Parents Who Help with Math
Writing Strategies for Dysgraphia
Real World Math

3 FEB 2016
Entrepreneurs!  Secrets of Success
Strategies: How to Help with Elaboration
Phonics and Auditory Processing
Hearing Simulation
Research: Huh? Seeing But Not Hearing – Inattentional Deafness with Visual Overload
Talking to the College Board
What is Dyscalculia? Fast Facts
This is Your Brain on Phonics – fMRI and Dyslexia
The Wisdom of Pooh and Dyslexia
Twice Exceptional
Fast Facts for the NEW SAT
You Asked! Q & A School IEPs

2 JAN 2016
The Truth About Multi-Tasking
Self-Confidence: Why It’s Important and How to Get It
Stealth Dyslexia Through the Life Span
Free Teacher Stuff: Fractions and Homonyms
How to Choose Books
Beautiful Minds of Dyslexic Mathematicians
Q: Can a Dyslexic Get a Ph.D. in Mathematics?
Understanding Severe Dyslexia
Free Vision Stuff: Letter Paths

Why Reading with Dyslexia is Easier on Your Phone
Dyslexia at College
Spelling Strategies
isit with Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist Gareth Cook
Stealth Dyslexia: Flying Under the Radar of Detection
Organization and Dyslexia
The Problem with Math Common Core and Dyslexia
Tips for Dyslexic Students and Common Core Math
Drawing and Observing with Naturalist Jack Laws
Dyslexia Accommodations: First Days of School – What to Say
Working Memory Can Predict Reading Comprehension



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