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Our Vision is a World Where Dyslexic Individuals are Known for their Strengths

Free One-to-One Tutoring for 3rd Graders in Manhattan

Thanks Everyone Reading for free one-to-one tutoring in foundational reading skills for 3rd grade readers. Students will receive individualized tutoring in phonics and fluency in Wilson Reading in addition to being able to participate in small-group, hands-on museum experiences like photography and model building at the Museum of the City of New York. Sounds […]

Open Ebooks – Free K-12 Kids in Need + Military

Great news for kids in need + children of military families! The non-profit First Book has a new program making new high quality books available to kids in need. Thousands of ebooks are available free to those who qualify. Physical books are also available at low cost.

Librarians, teachers, early childhood programs, and schools whose […]

Dyslexia | Free Reading Comprehension Resources

Do you know what your students are understanding?  Checkout these free K-8 resources for reading comprehension.

Silent reading is preferred by most dyslexic students, but if comprehension isn’t checked, reading difficulties won’t be discovered.

If you’re a parent reading with your child, then narration or asking your student to paraphrase back what has been happening a story may […]

Free Read-Along Online Books for Beginning and Elementary Readers

Here’s a great resource for all early readers: the Free Preview Site from Tumblebooks. The preview site with full-length books is completely free, but for the full library, check out your public library (you maybe able to access from home with your library card number) or school.  There are chapter books and graphic novels for […]

What is Dysgraphia Card for Teachers

Download our What is Dysgraphia Card for Teachers now! It’s available in our store  HERE.

Dysgraphia is a disability of written expression is one of the most common LDs and reasons for student underachievement, yet far too few parents, students, or teachers are aware of how it can impact on standardized testing or general school performance. Many […]