Nick Koshnick is a Stanford PhD and seasoned entrepreneur who raised money from companies like Google and Andreessen, and then sold the company.. He’s also dyslexic.

Now, he’s co-founded with business partner Frank Corrigan. Storied has been nicknamed an “AI Co-Pilot for Non-Linear Thinkers.”

Pretty quickly, Nick realized the potential of the app to empower fellow dyslexics.

For many dyslexic writers, one of the greatest challenges using speech to text is getting the explosion of ideas in your head into a straightforward linear text .

The Storied app helps with that – you’re allowed to ramble – and in fact the app expects you to ramble. Talk about your ideas and let the app do its thing.

It will ask you a question or two to help with its organization further, then prepare to be surprised when your ramble is translated into straightforward text.

Dyslexic professionals are finding all kinds of uses for it – whether it’s writing email responses, writing up a meeting plan, marketing plan, or anything else.

Listen to my interview with Nick below. He also includes a demo, and yes there’s a play button so you can hear what it writes played back to you.



Click on the article fragment below to listen to the short email generated from Nick’s short ramble about how AI can help dyslexic thinkers:


Currently the Storied App is free for use in a browser HERE.

Currently Nick and Frank are looking for dyslexic leaders who would like to give feedback to optimize even more for the dyslexic community.

If you’d like to help, join HERE

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