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Dyslexia Laws 2017

Here’s our 2017 snapshot of Passed Dyslexia Laws in the US. This is rapidly changing time for dyslexia legislation, so please update us with corrections, changes, or newly passed laws. Huge thanks to the Dyslexic Advantage Community, Decoding Dyslexia, and other leading dyslexia groups. Last Updated Sept 21st, 2017.

Only 7 states have no dyslexia laws […]

Surviving IEP Season

IEP season usually runs from late March through early June, and it’s a time when parents and teachers meet with the IEP team to assess the past year’s progress and also plan for changes that should take place for the upcoming year.

Be aware, too, that we have a new Supreme Court decision that is […]


Despite recent advances in dyslexia-friendly policies and statements in K-12 and higher education, reports of dyslexia-unfriendly and discriminatory practices are more common than anyone would like to mention.

At the university level, rarely is there any education for faculty and staff about the the needs of dyslexic and LD students on campus, so it should […]

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Dyslexia and Medical School – AMA Journal of Ethics

In an important article published in the AMA Journal of Ethics, physicians call for mandatory dyslexia training for medical school faculty.

The article presents the case of a 1st year dyslexic medical student who excelled in college and in clinical research, but who is conflicted about whether to disclose his dyslexia to faculty and fellow […]

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Surviving Parent Teacher Conferences [Premium]

Parent-Teaching Conferences can be stressful for both parents and teachers. Keep your eye on the big picture, think strategically, and work toward a positive year for your student in the classroom. Often the amount of time you have with the teacher is quite short because of the total number of students involved. As a result, plan […]

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How To Become Invincible

Well, maybe not invincible, but you know what we mean.

There’s a new idea circulating among business leaders and entrepreneurs. It’s not mindset or grit, but of course those are important. It’s rejection therapy.

Some people think part of the reason for higher than average success of dyslexic people as CEOs and entrepreneurs is that they’re […]

Save Bookshare – Digital Books for Dyslexic and the Blind

 In Washington DC, the latest budget appropriations bill in the House of Representatives proposed eliminating funding for Bookshare for 2017. As many of you know, Bookshare is a critical resource for dyslexic individuals and the blind – and loss of funding could have devastating consequences for the 400,000+ members across the US.  Many students of […]

Rhode Island has a Dyslexia Teacher Training Law!

Congratulations Rhode Island!  Rhode Island Governor Gina Riamondo signed the state’s first dyslexia teacher training law yesterday! From Providence Journal:

“Rhode Island joins the 15 other states that define dyslexia in state statute and the five states (emphasis, ours) that offer professional training to educators. Prior to the legislation, sponsored by Rep. O’Brien, D-North Providence, Rhode […]

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Missouri Has a New Dyslexia Law

Congratulations to Missouri for its new Dyslexia bill signed into law by Governor Jay Nixon. From St. Louis Today:

The new law “requires the screening of every public school student for dyslexia starting in the 2018-19 school year. Screenings would be informal and brief, leading to earlier detection. The measure also mandates that teachers receive […]

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Dyslexia and IQ: What You Must Know [Premium]

Here are 4 of the Most Important Things You Should Know About Dyslexia & IQ: #1. It Can Be Used to Identify Strengths and Talents.  In our minds, one of the best reasons that dyslexic students benefit by IQ testing is that it can quickly establish their intelligence and strengths. There are many strengths that […]

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June Dyslexic Advantage Magazine

Check out our latest Dyslexic Advantage Magazine:
Highlights include Fathers, Visual Storyboarding with Film Director Scorsese, Visual Talent of Dyslexics, Math Insights, Encouraging Writing, Latest Research and News, and Free Resources for parents, teachers, and tutors.

We’ll attach the pdf file below, but because the digital magazine is interactive, it’s easier to watch with all the […]

Dyslexia and College – Are You Ready? [Premium]

Congratulations to all new high school graduates!

Check out all our favorite resources to get prepared to thrive at college.

Premium Subscribers: If you’d like to have a Q & A session online in late July or August about Dyslexia and College, let Fernette know (send an email to: team@dyslexicadvantage.org)  and we’ll schedule an online meeting. […]

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North Carolina Weak on Dyslexia Education

North Carolina trails other states in terms of its delivery of educational services to dyslexic students in the Dyslexia at School Survey conducted by Dyslexic Advantage.

Compared to Texas, one of the earliest states to adopt dyslexia-specific legislation, North Carolina had abysmal statistics in terms of identification of students by schools (19% compared to Texas’ […]

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Response to Intervention RTI Hurts Students with Dyslexia

RTI or Response To Intervention is currently the dominant approach to reading instruction in public schools across the United States (over 70% of school districts), but in a just-released progress report funded by the Department of Education from the Institute of Education Sciences (IES), there’s a big problem…it doesn’t work.

RTI was supported by vocal […]

High School Students View Their Dyslexia as an Advantage

Things are changing. From ABC: “Fortunately for Christa Hills, her dyslexia diagnosis came when she was in primary school. She was able to access appropriate help from a young age. Now studying for her Year 12 exams, she regards dyslexia as a gift. ‘It’s really great. It takes you longer to sort through information … […]

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Viral Dsxyliea is NOT What Dyslexia Looks Like

There’s a viral post making its rounds on the Internet. Now I know I don’t have to tell readers of this blog, this isn’t a perfect example for non-dyslexics to understand, but it’s easy to imagine that the potential good intentions behind the creation of this, especially if it might help a teacher or […]