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Resilience is a popular topic among today’s educational leaders, and for good reason. If you grow up with significant academic, social, or socio-economic stress, you’re more likely to still grow up as a happy, successful, and adaptive adult if you are resilient.

Many external factors support resilience, like a supportive family or caregiver and stable […]

Dyslexia and College – Are You Ready? [Premium]

Congratulations to all new high school graduates!

Check out all our favorite resources to get prepared to thrive at college.

Premium Subscribers: If you’d like to have a Q & A session online in late July or August about Dyslexia and College, let Fernette know (send an email to: [email protected])  and we’ll schedule an online meeting. […]

Eye to Eye Summer Camp in New York – Dyslexia LD ADHD

 What’s a great mentoring summer camp for students with dyslexia, LD, and ADHD?  Camp Eye to Eye.

I had a nice chance to chat with Micah Goldfus about Camp Eye to Eye in beautiful Rockland County, New York.

Check what Camp Eye to Eye has to offer in the video below.