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Our Vision is a World Where Dyslexic Individuals are Known for their Strengths

Ways to Keep Math Alive

With a little twist, card games like War and Go Fish can be used to help kids hold onto math facts and math manipulations over the summer. If War (higher card win) is too simple, then Subtraction War (figuring out the difference between two cards) might be just the right amount of […]

[PREMIUM] The Remediated Student – WHAT TO EXPECT

For the overwhelming majority of dyslexics, early intervention helps with the decoding step of reading. Usually 2-3 months of intervention is enough to see a measurable  difference, and at least in our experience, 1-3 years to bring most children from failing their grade to being able to keep up in diverse subjects at grade-level with appropriate […]
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[PREMIUM] Dyslexia-FRIENDLY Foreign language Instruction

Because dyslexia has significant challenges that make foreign language learning difficult (e.g. impaired phonemic awareness, limitations on auditory verbal working memory, weak rule-based memory and syntax, etc.), many students request and are granted foreign language waivers. That being said, there are many students who can do well at foreign language learning, and alternative classrooms should […]
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MATH: When Words Get In the Way

From Miles and Miles’ wonderful Dyslexia and Mathematics book:

Here is an example of a dyslexic student’s sharing of how she becomes confused by what a teacher is saying. The capital letters indicate words that required her to stop and think.


“We are going to TAKE 25 FROM 61. WRITE DOWN 61 first (I sometimes wrote […]