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Dyslexia Journal Club – Spelling Strategies – What Does Research Say? [Premium]

In a recent paper from Montreal, research tested dyslexic students ages 9-11 to see which spelling strategies were more effective. The most common strategy children use to spell is phonological, whether they are  or aren’t dyslexic. The other common strategies children use for spelling are visuol-orthographic, analogy, and backup. The phonological strategy used phoneme-grapheme correspondence. […]
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Dyslexia Accommodations | First Days of School – What to Say

At the start of every term, students all over the world have to get  ready for the spiel they need to say to their teachers in order to get accommodations in place.

It seems especially tough to expect elementary school students to do the talking, but if a parent or friend help coaches, it can be  a positive experience […]

Great Free App for Dyslexia and Dyslexics – Photo Text to Speech with Foreign Languages

This is a great app for dyslexics – it’s Free now, but don’t know how long the promotion will last. See it in the iTunes store HERE.  The paid app is $4.99

Take a picture of anything – menu, street signs, word problems, even a foreign language – and have it read back to you in […]