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[PREMIUM] The Remediated Student – WHAT TO EXPECT

For the overwhelming majority of dyslexics, early intervention helps with the decoding step of reading. Usually 2-3 months of intervention is enough to see a measurable  difference, and at least in our experience, 1-3 years to bring most children from failing their grade to being able to keep up in diverse subjects at grade-level with appropriate […]

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How to Activate Read Aloud on Your Mac (Text-to-Speech) – Links Also for Windows and Android

The following instructions are for MacOS Sierra (10.12.16).

You can activate Read Aloud (or Text to Speech) on your Mac so that it reads documents (word, pdf, etc.) or websites when you select certain keys.

Apple Icon > System Preferences > Accessibility > Speech > Speak Selected Text When the Key is Pressed

You can also change […]

50 States – Audio Driving Manuals – Department of Motor Vehicles

Check out the links below to audio versions of state drivers manuals OR pdf files of the manuals that can be read with our web-enabled text to speech program ReciteMe.

|| We’ve just heard that ReciteMe is having difficulty translating pdf’s to audio. We will update you as there is more information. Sorry for the inconvenience!|| […]

Top Dyslexia App 2016 – Voice Dream Reader

Congratulations Voice Dream Reader for being named one of Dyslexic Advantage’s Top Dyslexia Apps of 2016!

Voice Dream is one of our community’s favorite apps for listening to text on the iPhone or iPad. It has a great user interface (especially loved is its connection with Bookshare – because Bookshare provides free electronic texts to […]

How to Make Safari Talk in 60 Seconds or Less

If you own a Mac, get your Safari browser to talk in less than 60 seconds. If you tell Safari to speak without selecting the text, it will start at the top, but also read details you may not want to read.