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Check out the links below to audio versions of state drivers manuals OR pdf files of the manuals that can be read with our web-enabled text to speech program ReciteMe.

ALSO, if the manual is available to read online, you can try read it in a Google Chrome browser. A handy free text to speech reader is this Unofficial Immersive Reader Google Chrome Extension:

  •  Adobe Acrobat has accessibility feature that can also be used to read the manual aloud. Their program is called Read Outloud.View > Read Outloud > Activate Read Outloud.

    ** Since the original publishing of this page, other sources of audio driver license manuals have become available. More states are offering these, also check out your state’s  license information at There are audio manuals there with the latest versions. As a result, we won’t continue to update this page.

    Because the manuals are so long, many people take practice tests in order to begin recognizing common test questions. We have shared some tips for this in our Premium magazine (May 2022), but do check out the drivers license flashcard sets at sites like For example, here is a link to the flashcards for the Washington state drivers license test.  These are free to use for their standard features – and if you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you can see a small speaker icon that will read the cards to you.

To have the manual read to you from the pdf, click on the “Reciteme” button in the upper left of this web page. To disable text to speech, click the X in the upper right.  Thanks to the Pennsylvania Literacy Coalition’s links to the state audio version of the drivers manual.

** For Text to Speech versions – WAIT to allow Reciteme to translate the pdf into listening format. Longer Manuals Take Longer**  Also every effort has been made to link to the most current driving manual. Please contact us for any corrections.

To listen to manuals noted “text to speech”, you must first ‘Enable Recite’ at the top of this page at Top Left. To disable Recite, click the X at Top Right. ***

Alabama:  HERE (text to speech)

Alaska: HERE (text to speech)

Arizona: HERE (text to speech)

Arkansas:  HERE (text to speech)

California: link to Audio Manual

Colorado: HERE (text to speech)

Connecticut: link to Audio Manual

Delaware: HERE (text to speech)

Florida: HERE (text to speech)

Georgia: HERE (text to speech)

Hawaii: HERE (text to speech)

Idaho: link to Audio Manual

Illinois: HERE (text to speech)

Indiana: link to Audio Manual

Iowa: HERE (text to speech)

Kansas: HERE (text to speech)

Kentucky: HERE (text to speech)

Louisiana: HERE (text to speech)

Maine: link to Audio Manual

Maryland: link to Audio Manual
MassachusettsHERE (text to speech)

MichiganHERE (text to speech)

Minnesota: link to Audio Manual

Mississippi:: HERE (text to speech)

Missouri: link to Audio Manual

Montana: link to Audio on iTunes

Nebraska: link to Audio Manual

NevadaHERE (text to speech)

New HampshireHERE (text to speech)

New Jersey: HERE  (text to speech)
New Mexico: HERE (text to speech)

New York: link to Youtube Video

North CarolinaHERE (text to speech)

North Dakota: link to Audio Manual

Ohio: HERE (text to speech)

Oklahoma: HERE (text to speech)

Oregon: link to Audio Manual

Pennsylvania: link to Audio Manual

Rhode Island: HERE (text to speech)

South Carolina: HERE (text to speech)
South Dakota: HERE (text to speech)

Tennessee: HERE (text to speech)

Texas: HERE (text to speech)


Vermont: link to Audio Manual

Virginia: link to Audio Manual

Washington : link to Audio Manual

West Virginia: HERE (text to speech)

Wisconsin: HERE (text to speech)

Wyoming: HERE (text to speech)




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