ANSWER: Grades 3-5 in Elementary School.

If we know this, are we doing everything we can to help students emotionally and socially in these grades?

There are many pressures that converge on the 3-5th grade (see The 3rd Grade Wall), and developmentally, it is a time when children are trying to develop competencies. It is also a time (often referred to as ‘middle childhood’) when children see themselves through the eyes of others.

It’s especially important at this age that teachers don’t have students read aloud in class or grade each other’s papers.

There are generally 4 Types of Self-Esteem:

1. Academic competence
2. Social competence
3. Physical / athletic competence
4. Physical appearance

If a student doesn’t have a source of competence or self-esteem, it’s important to nurture one.


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