Dr. Doresa Jennings is the author of an exciting book series that has positive role models for dyslexia and underrepresented minorities, and it’s an exciting book with humor and amazing facts.

From Doresa’s successful Kickstarter:
“Middle Grade readers (9-12 year olds) will be introduced to more than twenty Black Americans that contributed to our knowledge of the cosmos in unique and impactful ways.

They will learn about Adolphus Samms dubbed, “The Father of Invention” by the United States Army and holds five patents that make multistage rockets possible. They will learn about the Dr. Patricia Cowings, the first American woman to be trained as a scientist astronaut (although she never made it to space) and her life changing contributions to controlling motion sickness with astronauts by helping them control 26 different physiological functions.

This book is not only packed with amazing facts, it also keeps and ramps up the humor and fun had by our main characters. “Thunder and Lightning” don’t disappoint with their antics and Shar’s wit keeps everyone on their toes.

As always, there is a social justice scenario woven through the storyline, this one dealing with bullying and learning to embrace the things that make us different. For Ebony, it is about accepting her dyslexia and allowing her knowledge of astronomy and rockets to shine through.”



In my interview with Doresa, she mentioned the importance of introducing science, technology, and the arts early for students, and we couldn’t agree more.

Many children are passionately interested in these subjects, but they and their parents may not know how to learn more and develop scientific or tech abilities.

Dyslexic men and women are among the most accomplished scientists and technology experts of all time, and many aspects of dyslexic thinking are well-suited to careers in science and technology.

The Steam Chasers has two dyslexic characters in the book series. One character is a stealth dyslexic.



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