Krista’s 3-book series, Everyday Adventures with Molly and Dyslexia is now available in bookstores and online shops!

These books are a wonderful way to talk to young children about dyslexia, the importance of self-advocacy, self-acceptance, and discovery of dyslexic strengths.


These books can also be a wonderful addition to the classroom.



Krista’s first book, Molly’s Great Discovery, follows Molly as she learns about her learning difference and trouble she is having with reading aloud or spelling tests and getting her ideas down on paper.

At first, worried to ask for help, she gains confidence, then comes to understand her unique differences as well as that other children may have differences on the outside and inside as well. A new teacher comes to Molly’s class and she also shares that dyslexia can come with positives like being creative. As a helpful addition to each book, there are additional listings of resources about the topics raised in the story.

Molly Tells the World is the second book in the series, and in it, Molly reveals that she isn’t always happy about her dyslexia and sometimes she does not want to tell other people about it. Because dyslexia personified in these books, it strikes just the right balance for kids – raising the uncomfortable bits that might allow them to talk about their feelings honestly and truthfully.

Finally, the third book Molly Finds a Way, has a story where Molly gets together with a friend who also is dyslexic – her dyslexia is Izzy (Molly’s is Lexie). They aren’t exactly alike – which is the way dyslexia is like among friends and family members. The two use their creative problem solving abilities together when the unexpected happens. It’s a creative way to help children recognize their problem solving talents.

Congratulations to Krista for this thoughtful and creative book series!

It definitely treads some new ground and has a deeper understanding of the social emotional aspects of dyslexia than many others in the genre. It would be a welcome addition to personal, classroom, and school libraries.


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