“When I was 12 my older sister had recently discovered Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling. She started to read it to me once a day, however, the story was so gripping that once a day was just not enough for me. The exciting and alluring nature of Rowling’s writing drove me to pick up a book for the first time.

I was amazed at how she was able to incorporate such complex themes and ideas into her books, but still write in a style that I could understand.

It was challenging at first. I blundered my way through the pages, stumbling over words, often not understanding the meaning. But I was so desperate to find out what happened next that I forced myself to get through, book after book. The more I read the faster I was getting. I enjoyed reading Harry Potter so much that I found it was giving me confidence in other aspects of my life.”  Read all of Stephanie Wickens’ story here.

Stephanie is not the only dyslexic reader to have a Harry Potter-breakthrough. None other than Princess Beatrice has claimed the same benefit.

Why can certain books hook some dyslexic students into becoming more fluent readers?

For Premium Subscribers, well explore why students can comprehend better if they get hooked on certain books as well as share some practical strategies for school and home.


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