As it turns out, the advantages that come with being dyslexic are not little skills that don’t amount to something. In fact, just the opposite. The advantages and abilities that come with dyslexic thinking are “big hairy audacious” skills if you’ve heard about that phrase from the business world.

Confidence, aiming high, and self-knowledge about strengths and weaknesses are important tools to have in order to reach your goals. Studies of successful dyslexic entrepreneurs showed that they were very aware of their strong and weak areas and more willing to delegate in the their areas of weakness than non-dyslexic peers.

If you are having to re-make yourself during this pandemic, ask for help, and work to acquire new skills if you need to. If you’re not certain about your strengths, then find a friend of family member who may be able to help you.

If you believe you might not have particular strengths, you are probably wrong! The most common strengths that people overlook are people strengths and those are abilities that can be helpful in all sorts of work.

Don’t know where to start? Try the Interest Finder from My Next Move (from the Department of Labor). Another free online test is the Holland Career Test HERE.






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