CNBC had a welcome article about how important dyslexic employees are for increasing demands for creative thinking, design, and leadership. Their review was based on the Ernst and Young research paper The Value of Dyslexia.

Excerpt: “dyslexic individuals have differing abilities, with strengths in creative, problem solving and communication skills and challenges with spelling, reading and memorizing facts. Generally, a dyslexic cognitive profile will be uneven when compared to a neurotypical cognitive profile. This means that dyslexic individuals really do think differently.

What does this mean in work? These varied cognitive profiles give dyslexic individuals natural abilities to form alternative views and solve problems creatively. Heightened cognitive abilities in certain areas, such as visualization
and logical reasoning skills and natural entrepreneurial traits can bring a fresh, often intuitive perspective.”

CNBC commented: “The need for processing and manual capabilities like time management, reading, math and active listening were on the decline…Meanwhile, creative and social skills such as leadership, analytical thinking and technology design were increasingly in demand.”

Nice to see more positive dyslexia awareness articles shared in the press. The more accomplished dyslexic individuals speak out at work, the easier it will be to find dyslexia-friendly workplaces.

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