Kate Griggs, founder of Made by Dyslexia

Social entrepreneur Kate Griggs from the UK has a new book called “This is Dyslexia.”


Recently, Fernette had the chance to catch up with Kate Griggs, founder of the global charity Made by Dyslexia.

It’s mission is to “help the world to understand, value and support dyslexia”, and they have made quite a splash on the international scene by resources like the video below having a wide variety of accomplished people talk about their dyslexic differences and strengths.


Kate told me that her book, This is Dyslexia, is a book “by dyslexics for dyslexics about dyslexia to help the world to understand dyslexia.”




Fernette’s chat with Kate:




“It really is all about your strengths. Four out of five successful dyslexics say they’re successful because of their dyslexia, and because of the way that they think. And as a child, or even as a parent, when your kid is going through school, if you can keep focused on that is the big picture and the end result, it will help you to be well to cope with the struggles that we know are in education.”
— Kate Griggs









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