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AUG 2020 Newsletter

The New Normal
Resilience with Rob Law
Online Certifications
Keep Math Alive
Senior Firestarter BBC Ian Forrester
Remote Learning
Dyslexia News
Visual Thinkers
Landmark College Scholarship
Quarantine Creativity



Planning for Dyslexia During a Pandemic
New Homeschooling Course for Parents from DyslexicAdvantage
Schooling from Home
Community Questions
Getting Hooked on Books
Drawing Inspiration from Michelle Ollie of the Center for Cartoon Studies

June 2020 Newsletter

Dyslexic Advantage Ingenuity Awards 2020
Top Engineer, Top Designer
High Honors and Honors Science
Young Entrepreneur Awards
COVID College: What About Fall Semester?
Dyslexia News – Coronavirus Edition


May 2020 Newsletter

COVID Schooling
Typing for Students with Dyslexia and Dysgraphia
The Chaos of College and Beyond
What About Math
Dyslexia News



April 2020 Newsletter

Karina Eide Memorial Scholarship Winners 2020
Dyslexia and the Coronavirus Pandemic
Dyslexia and Remote Learning






MARCH Newsletter Young-Writers Awards-2020

MAR 2020 Newsletter

Karina Eide Young Writers Awards






FEB 2020 Newsletter
Charlotte Edmonds and Elizabeth Arifien Dyslexia and Choreography
Tips from a College Junior with a 4.0,
Clues to Unrecognized Dyslexia
Dyslexics Better at Landscape Memory
Dealing with “Like” Terms in Algebra
Viral Anti-Bullying Video from Talented Teen Lauren Grace
College Scholarships Deadline March 1st!  APPLY NOW
Deadline for K-12 STEM / STEAM awards is May 1st.


JAN 2020 Newsletter
JAN Giveaway
Karina Young Writers Deadline JAN 21
Reading Wars – Structured Literacy vs. “Balanced” LIteracy
Dr Doresa Jennings and STEAM Chasers
Interview with CEO Brett Kopf of Remind
Real World Learning with Glenn Sterner,
Math Fluency
Latest News


DEC 2019 Newsletter in PDF
Dyslexia and Its Gifts
Questions about School MAP Testing
The Arithmetic-Algebra Gap
Reading with ComicsDEC-2019
Questions about IEPs and Online High Schools
Latest Dyslexia News
Applications open for College Scholarships and Karina Eide Young Writers Awards.



NOVEMBER 2019 Dyslexic Advantage in PDF

Working Memory and Math
Teacher of the Year
Dyslexia and Acting Shakespeare
ADHD Medication Research
Surviving and Thriving WITHOUT College
Study Tips for High School
Make Google Docs Work for You
Dyslexia News


SEPTEMBER 2019 Dyslexic Advantage Newsletter in PDF

C-PEN Exam Reader Giveaway
Thomas Armstrong Mindfulness in the Classroom and The Human Odyssey Giveaway
Undercover Billionaire
Women in STEM
Don’t Judge Me on Spelling
Putting a Name on It – Dyslexia Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia
Test-Optional Colleges
Reading Aloud and Silent Reading
Decimals, and Dyslexia News

AUGUST 2019 Dyslexic Advantage Newsletter in PDF

All About Learning Giveaway
The Calm Before the Storm
Back to School with Dyslexia
Printing vs. E-Books
Talent Share
Calculator Accommodations for Students with Dyslexia
Dyslexia News




 JULY 2019 Dyslexic Advantage Newsletter in PDF

Spiderman is Dyslexic! Tom Holland
Dysexic Advantage meets the Prince of Sweden
Tuskegee Airman shares his dyslexia story
Beware Potential Pitfalls of Dyslexia Siulations
Dyslexia and the Creative Advantage
Cultivating a Love of Reading
Multisensory Math
Dyslexia Research and News


JUNE 2019 Dyslexic Advantage Newsletter 2019

Dyslexic Advantage Ingenuity Award Winners 2019
The ‘Why’ of Math Visual Representations
Partial Read-Aloud Accommodations
Dyslexia News




MAY 2019 Karina Eide Memorial College Scholarships of 2019









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