Glen and Julie Leavitt

We thankful to Glen Leavitt for sharing his life story with the Dyslexic Advantage community. He’s generous gifted us with eight print copies but also provided his autobiography in The Language of My Soul – Anatomy of a Dyslexic Mind in pdf so all of you can download and enjoy it.

Dr. Michael Ryan wrote the Forward.

An excerpt:

“Glenn Leavitt’s book fills important gaps in the literature. In a series of loosely connected anecdotes reflecting the short attention span and idea-hopping typical of even the most gifted dyslexic, Glenn Leavitt presents a chronicle which brings the reader face to face with the conflicts that arise in the life of a brilliant human being coping with hidden disabilities.”

It’s a remarkable vividly told story, filled with adventure and setbacks, boldness, and ingenuity. How could this self-confessed “scatterbrain” get his two Masters degrees, teach German and Russian at the college level, and then become a master teacher of rehabilitation for the blind? You’ll have to read his story for yourself.

Download The Language of My Soul.

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To listen to the book through text to speech, you can download the pdf and then activate the Text to Speech Function on Adobe Acrobat Reader: Edit > Preferences > Reading. You can select the voice in the drop down pane. Also you can activate Recite me in the top left corner of this browser (Cancel is located at top right).


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