We are posting the California Dyslexia Guideline here as a convenience to our members who would like to use ReciteMe to listen to the document.

FYI: the document uses ‘disability’ framework of dyslexia and reflects the particular orientation of the authors.

Excerpt: “I am pleased to present California Dyslexia Guidelines, which was written in response to thepassage of Assembly Bill 1369, Chapter 647, Statutes of 2015, and which added sections56334 and 56335 to California’s Education Code. The purpose of these guidelines is to assist regular education teachers, special education teachers, and parents in identifying, assessing, and supporting students with dyslexia.

Extensive research has shown us that reading instruction for students with dyslexia must teach phonemic awareness—the ability to recognize and manipulate phonemes in words. Students must be taught how to link these phonemes to letters and how to blend sounds and segment words when reading and spelling—a method of teaching early reading known as “phonics.” This reading instruction must also teach vocabulary, uency, and reading comprehension strategies.

Additionally, we have learned that effective reading programs for students with dyslexia incorporate multisensory techniques to explicitly and systematically teach all of the skillsmentioned above, so that each new skill builds logically and coherently on the skills that were taught before….”

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