Dyslexia and Writing

Dyslexia and Writing

Here’s the module on Homeschooling Writing!

Writing can be one of the most challenging tasks that dyslexic students ever face, but with it can also be students’ greatest strengths. Take the long view of writing. The most difficult time is at the beginning. Your students have important things to say and you will be able to help unlock this ability.

3. Writing


Presentation in PDF: HERE

Example of Air Writing in a Slingerland Classroom



25 Fine Motor Activities at Home by Mama OT

Handwriting Without Tears

Don Johnston’s Co: Writer

Word Q for Chrome Browser

Ginger Software

Phonetic Zoo

Singapore Grammar and Sentences to Paragraphs


Writing Trails

Charlotte Mason Narration

Writing Skills Diane Hanbury King

Step Up to Writing

Institute for Excellence in Writing

Scholars Online Molding Your Prose, Molding Your Argument

Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology

Here we go – last module!

We believe that assistive technology can have a powerful positive effect on education…especially for homeschooling students.

If you have any questions, post them in the Private Homeschooling Discussion Forum HERE: https://www.dyslexicadvantage.org/forums/forum/homeschoolers-forum/

5. Assistive Technology

Download Presentation in PDF HERE.

Resource Links:




Libby App from Overdrive

Voice Dream Reader

I’ve recently heard about a competitor to Voice Dream and that’s Captivoice. One of the main advantages of Captivoice is that there’s a desktop version that doesn’t require connection to the Internet. Voice Dream is mobile online. Captivoice also has some nice translation features, vocabulary learning, and features specifically for teachers that help them monitor how their students are using the app.

Voice Dream Reader – sample of Premium Voices

Dr Matt Schneps’ Voice Dream Reader personal settings

Dragon Naturally Speaking

Typing Instructor

Keyboarding Skills book by Diane Hanbury King

Touch Type Read and Spell

Information video about Touch Type Read and Spell


Easy Spelling Aid

Don Johnston’s Co:Writer

Ginger Software

Read and Write for Google Chrome


Dyslexia and Math

Dyslexia and Math




Welcome to the Homeschooling Math Lesson!




 Although this may seem to be an overwhelming subject,there are tremendous programs that can your student more support that is usually found in a traditional classroom.




4. Math


Presentation in PDF: HERE








Literacy Strategies for Improving Math Instruction  Helpful, but thin book on areas of language that can contribute to confusion among dyslexic students.  

Cracking the Vocabulary Code in Math  (free online paper)

Illustrated Math Dictionary (free and online) 


Analyzing Math Problems Video:



I used this program for addition and subtraction facts. 


I used this program for multiplication and division facts.  

Singapore Math
There are many homeschooling suppliers who also sell Singapore Math books. I chose this link because there are many examples of the different curricula. We used Primary Mathematics in the early grades.


Hands On Equations

My kids got the idea of solving for x when they were just 2nd grade and up. This boosted the moral of my son who struggled mightily doing simple calculations. We just did a little bit, but when he had to do Algebra for real, it was a lot easier.  


I had read somewhere from an Aleks tutor that if the system asks you, “Do you want to practice more?” Say yes once and it will reduce your exposure to future exposure to more practice. The next time you log on, it gives you more practice problems for what you just learned, but the repetition is mercifully shorter if you elect to practice 1 more time before logging off. Aleks is no-frills but definitely more patient than this mom. Aleks was initially developed by the University of California at Irvine. Another potential upside of using this as your math learning and practice is that many colleges and universities use Aleks for math placement.  

ACE Credit

 ACE credits I think were initially created to help military personnel quickly get credits for college. Many community colleges accept them, but 4-year colleges may not. What we were thinking of doing (but ultimately didn’t have to), was getting the community college credits from the ACE through ALEKS, then seeing if the college accepted community college credits. 

Base 10 Blocks


Math Linking Cubes

I think a lot of students like twisting off these blocks or beads. We didn’t use them though. 

Toy Theater  

 Online free manipulatives. Toy Theater has a wide assortment.

Glencoe Online Manipulatives

Montessori Math presentation

 There’s a slide show at the link above. Here is a youtube video about some of the materials. 


Montessori Math supplies
There are many supplies or Montessori materials, this is just one vendor.


Concrete Representational Abstract – Tapping into Teen Minds
There are many sites discussing the CRA approach for students. This link has some nice examples and graphics.


Math U See
I’ve heard many homeschoolers over the years who liked this program. At the time when we looked at it, it wasn’t a match for us – there were too many videos for my taste to learn how to use, but you might like it.  Some tutors also use this program. It is multisensory. 

Making Math Meaningful   

This is another product popular with homeschoolers. Understanding math in the real world is definitely a good thing. I do think some people question whether the program is comprehensive or proceeds too slowly. The program might especially be valuable for students with bad experiences in math / math anxiety. 

Zearn Math

Zearn seems to be very popular and it’s free!  Only K-5 so far. Uses CRA including visuals and manipulatives. Videos as well as downloadable worksheets.  

SAT prep actual tests


Mathematics for Dyslexics


Dyslexia and Mathematics


Maths Explained
This is Steve Chinn’s video tutorial site. Steve has been teaching dyslexic student for decades and has authored some of the best books on the subject. Having a subscription to his site, plus working through a curriculum is reasonable option for homeschooling math. I contact Steve and he also shared that site comes with downloadable sheets that homeschoolers could use to work through problems.


Custom Graph Paper Generator
Most dyslexic students benefit by working through problems on graph paper. Customize the size and print out the pdf at home using this free online graph paper generator from Incompetech.


Math and Dyscalculia Articles in the Dyslexic Advantage library


This app can be especially valuable if you want to help your student, but don’t know how to solve it, step-by-step. Take a picture of a problem and the app will give a step-by-step solution. This app can be misused by students who copy the answers, so beware!


This is a free iPad app designed for dyslexic and dysgraphic students. You can set up and solve problems on the ipad without pencil or paper.Socratic

Socratic is a free Google AI-powered homework helper that uses both voice recognition an text to help solve problems in math, science, social studies, literature, and more. The app provides visual explanations of concepts for a wide range of subjects. 


Reading and Structured Literacy

Reading and Structured Literacy


Welcome to the Reading Lesson!

Homeschooling 2 

Below all the videos, I ‘ll put links to the resources mentioned in this talk!


Download slides from this presentation HERE.

Here’s an example of a homeschool mom teaching an early structured literacy lesson using the curriculum All About Reading.


Here’s a teacher describing some fun activites for repeated reading.



Here’s what you might hear when you’re listening to a student’s repeated reading.




Here’s an example of the online platform called Whizzimo. It’s especially helpful for tutors, but if you have a family member who is located remotely, this can be helpful too – all the lessons and materials are loaded into the platform.

Sonday System

I recently spoke with Tom Guyer, adult dyslexic and CEO of Winsor Learning which produces the Sonday System. They have a great new online option that can be used parents working at home with their child or a grandparent or other family member or tutor working with a student remotely. The interface is clean and uncluttered and the Sonday System uses picture cues associated with sounds which distinguish it from some curricula and also some songs. A homeschooling parent can read off the screen and advance the displays that a student sees. There are placement tests and multiple levels within Sonday 1 and 2 which may help families with several dyslexic students.The curriculum is also available in paper format.  

If your student may be prone to visual overload or learn especially well by pictures, then Sonday may be good choice for you. Students with ADD, visual overload, or dyspraxia, may find moving around the tiles confusing or unhelpful for memory. The Sonday System is designed for straightforward use and does not require advanced training. There are video lessons and sound files and everything you need to teach the program. See below 



Here are the links for this lecture:

All About Learning / All About Reading 

The Logic of English


Here is a helpful video about the phonograms in Logic of English. 




Here is a free app with phonograms: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/phonics-with-phonograms-by-logic-of-english/id604337610 

Barton Reading and Spelling
I contacted Susan Barton about resources for homeschoolers and she said that there is a homeschooling training DVD series that contains 6 hours of step-by-step instructions. It’s also possible to watch all the instructions on streaming video. For teachers and tutors, there is a great remote tutoring option. There is a demo video on the site.

Lindamood Bell LIPS
LIPS is especially helpful for students with auditory processing difficulties. It does require a bit more training than other structured literacy programs, but there are tutors who tutor the program remotely.


Reading Pathways 

Microsoft One Note Learning Tools. 

Internet Movie Script Database 

Phrase Cueing Generator 



Language! Live 


Headsprout. Learning A to Z. Raz-Kids 

Lexia Learning 


Neurolearning.com Dyslexia Screening App – can qualify for free ebooks from Bookshare 

Learning Ally  





Voice Dream Reader

Wilson Reading System: https://www.wilsonlanguage.com/programs/wilson-reading-system/

CaptiVoice: https://www.captivoice.com/capti-site//



The Big Picture

The Big Picture

Welcome to Homeschooling and Dyslexia!

This course consists of video lectures and a Question and Answer forum. I will also periodically host Zoom conferences for live Q & A. If you have any questions, try post them in the forum first because other will probably learn from the reply.

My plan is to launch the course in August, but I know many of you are actively research your options, so I’ve opened the course and have only just added Modules 1 and 2. I will be adding Modules as soon as I complete them.

Here is a link to the Q & A forum: https://www.dyslexicadvantage.org/forums/forum/homeschoolers-forum/ The link is also located under the Homeschooling tab in the menu bar.

Homeschooling 1

Presentation in PDF: HERE

Here are some of the resources mentioned in this first lecture:

Homeschool Buyers Co-op

Discovery Science


Reading Eggs

Reading Assistant


What is Structured Literacy (IDA)

Phonetic Zoo – Institute for Excellence in Writing

Classical Homeschooling Memoria Press

Great Books Academy

Tax Deductions for Educational Materials for Students with Learning Disabilities:



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