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[PREMIUM] Dyslexic Advantage Premium Magazine SEPT 2017

Richard Engel, NBC Foreign Correspondent, Realistic Confidence, Organized Notes, Big Picture for Classes, Big Picture for Literature, What to Expect with the Remediated Student, Dyslexia and Giftedness, Reflections on the 5 Paragraph Essay, What To Do If a Reading Curriculum Doesn’t Work, Hidden Fractions, How Can I Help My Daughter.  
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The Importance of Early Identification

John Alexander of Groves Academy recently shared his frustration with the slowness of schools adopting early identification of dyslexia. Fortunately, though, progress is being made with state education laws.

“In September, 1998, we gave an assessment to all 450 kindergarten students in the district to determine those students who were at risk of developing a […]

Precis Writing … or when less is more

“It will be particularly helpful if they give themselves practice in precis writing, paraphrasing, and note-taking. If one has to write a precis one is forced not only to think out carefully what are the key ideas in a particular passage but also to express them concisely, accurately, and clearly. Paraphrasing makes similar demands […]

Dyslexic Advantage July 2017 Newsletter

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Tips for Engaging with Books – From an Anonymous Adult

This article is aimed at anyone who…

is dyslexic, or thinks they might be
wishes to help dyslexic adults to engage with books
is interested in ways to engage with books


What are these tips?

7 things that help me to engage with any book;
3 things that help me to engage with non-fiction […]

ADHD and Dyslexia – Meds and Reading Intervention

From Toronto:

“Stimulant medication produced expected beneficial effects on hyperactive/impulsive behavioral symptoms (reported by classroom teachers) but none on reading. Children receiving a reading program showed greater gains than controls on multiple standardized measures of reading and related skills (regardless of medication status)….”

Sixty-five children (7–11 years in age) were assigned randomly to one of three […]