mom-reading There are many good ways to read to children with dyslexia. In this post, we wanted to talk share an approach that some have called “dialogic” or like a dialogue.

A dialogue is a back and forth conversation, and that is exactly how this style of reading goes. Rather than having a parent or teacher read aloud with a child listening, in dialogic reading, the adult helps the child tell the story.

The acronym for this method is PEER:

1, Prompt a child to say something about the book.
2. Evaluate her response.
3. Expand the response by rephrasing and adding more detail, and
4. Repeat the prompt to make sure the child learned.

Except for the first reading of the book, PEER sequences should occur on every page. The idea is that over time, the child reads more and more and the adult less. For Premium subscribers read more about how to prompt children below: