shutterstock_388591456Many teachers don’t realize that many dyslexic students need modifications in assignments and tests in order to accurately assess their knowledge. Some of these changes will also benefit other students in class including English Language Learners or ELLs.

Homework and test questions are sentences that often present information out of context, so that the content is more difficult to read.


1. Less! Reduce the amount of homework to 1/3 or if a student needs to completely redraft work, eliminate assignments until the redrafting process is finished.
2. Be aware that your students may not be able to read word problems or instructions on assignments.
3. Highlight clues.
4. Reduce Choices. Eliminate “All of the above”
5. Test orally at the end of the school day or other break.
6. Shorten tests. Simplify wording.
7. Use end of chapter questions.
8. Use True / False of multiple choice with word back options instead of fill-in-the-blank.
9. Use  audio recordings or reader for tests.
10. Use Cloze or offer writing prompts for essays (see below).

how to modify tests dyslexia

Writing a paragraph —> Write a sentence, make a drawing, write key words or dictate.

Writing a sentence —> Fill in the blanks.

Fill in the blank —> Fill in the blank with word choices or matching

Math Word Problem —> Write the number math problem next to the text of the word problem.

Reading test questions —> Option to use a reading pen that reads text aloud into ear buds or other recorded or text to speech option. If not accessible technology is available, then orally test after school.

Reading Assignments —> Listen with Bookshare-Voice Dream Reader or Learning Ally or other electronic textbook option.

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