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So it’s begun: states like South Carolina have begun making their first professional development for teachers explaining what dyslexia is and how teachers can meet their needs of the students in their classrooms. It’s a start.

However, if you look at the modules (see below), you’ll understand how little teachers may be prepared to meet the needs of dyslexic students in classrooms.

Because even hard-won efforts to improve professional development in the area of dyslexia on the states level have only resulted in requirements such as 1 hour of teacher training per year, it is especially important that the materials produced can be relevant to classroom teachers, provide appropriate examples and illustrations for what to expect and importantly WHAT TO DO to help students that comprise up to 15% of students in school (yes the statistics in their video is incorrect – they underestimate the incidence…). We don’t want to discuss point-by-point the shortcoming of some of these first attempts to address teacher training, but we encourage readers view the materials below.

For those of you who are able, consider gifting a school that you know with an institutional subscription to Dyslexic Advantage Premium Magazine. Every teacher in the school will receive a monthly issue packed with practical examples and relevant video instruction about reading, writing, accommodations, modifications, and more. Dyslexic Advantage is a non-profit charitable organization. Donations support the community and creation of more materials in Dyslexic Advantage’s mission to create a dyslexia-friendly world.

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