Dyslexia is a specific learning disability protected under the American for Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the federal Rehabilitation Act. Students with Dyslexia have average or above average intelligence, but may have difficulty with reading, writing, spelling, and speed of processing so that it’s difficult to express their full range of understanding, and school tasks are often difficult. Accommodations are needed to help these kids reach their highest potential.

The following are common accommodations that students with dyslexia may require for learning.

– Extra Time (tests, classroom work)

– Fewer problems, reduced homework

– Audiobooks; don’t require reading aloud in class

– Apps for reading, writing, and spelling

– Notetaker, record class, livescribe pen

– Spellchecker or word prediction software

– Individualize spelling goals; don’t grade down because of spelling or handwriting

– Calculator

– Option to dictate ideas or use speech-to-text

– Option to use a laptop, iPad etc. to type

– Formula Card

– Oral testing option if questions arise regarding subject mastery

— Scanning pen which converts printed text to speech and comes with headphones.

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Many dyslexic students have strengths in higher order thinking, creativity, visualization, and problem solving!

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