coding-dyslexiaThis question comes up surprisingly often, although dyslexic computer programmers or software developers are probably on every team and startup.

Some of the big picture reasons dyslexics made do well in programming:

  • Strong Problem Solving
  • Systems Thinking – Big Picture
  • Flexible Thinking
  • Analytical and Logical

But for the details of why dyslexics do well in software development, lets hear from developers themselves:

From Simon, Lead Software Engineer:

“You may worry that you have to read and write code all day, but its not the same as documents its simple code. If your dyslexic mind works anything like mine you process words as pictures and patterns. This works great for code you can easily visualise systems and processes.

Code is the best grammar and spell checker you can have. Programming languages require correct syntax, you can’t get it to work unless its right and you easily learn to solve the issue. Much like dyslexics can learn new words by been forced to use it over and over again. It then registers as a new picture in your mind. Once you have a good IDE (integrated development environment), you’re set to program where I actually feel it gives me an advantage. Because of the way I visualize systems, I can program away from the computer in my mind. Solving complex issues with a bit of thought. If you’re dyslexic and reading this don’t panic, get out there and program.”

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