Congratulations to Steven Erickson and his brother Mark for winning the title of Lego Masters!


We previously interviewed Steven in our June 2021 issue where he talked about his dyslexia and how making things always came easy to him although reading and spelling were more difficult.

In truth, many people predicted Steven and Mark might win the season and the brothers had beaten last year’s season winners in another match up.

The creations are truly inspiring. Their final 24 hour winning build was Warden of the Woods.

You can see in all of their creations – it’s not only so much ingenuity in their building, but also wonderful character and set creation and storytelling.

If you are a LEGO enthusiast your self or are encouraging one, check out the best builds of the season in the video below.



Congratulations again to Steven and Mark! They’ll be splitting the $100,000 prize and Steven will be using his part to build his own house!

Check out Steven’s website and store HERE.




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