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Justin is an executive for an early-stage startup, which means he does a little bit of everything. His title is Director of Marketing and Developer Experience.

“Just do stuff, just the stuff that interests you. And that showing, well, first, you’re investing in yourself and following your curiosity, but you’re showing that to other people. And that’s, that’s a very powerful thing. People are attracted to that because, you know, at the end of the day, whatever you do is just about the other people..”

He works for a cloud computing company that is distributed across multiple locations. His work is very visual, but also personal. He manages data so that its consistent across all the different locations, but also guides the company in its strategic directions.

In my discussion with Justin about the challenges in his career, he talked about not being able to get into a physics major because his GPA, but attending Cal Poly along with his brother (his brother got into engineering) as a business major.

As an example of doing things that matter and interest you, he talked about helping a friend organize an event to help victims of human trafficking. He and a friend brought in a number of notable artists, raised $15,000, and got support from multiple websites. Justin again: “…it’s not always skills that gets you in the door. It’s like who you are and how you connect with the other people that you’re talking to. And so, I feel like if you’re putting yourself out there, and even if it’s not like what you would consider excellent or your best, it’s still very meaningful.”

Justin’s full interview is available in the July 2021 issue Premium Dyslexic Advantage and it’s loaded into our Premium Podcast area.




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January 27, 2022

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