In a brief Twitter exchange, Mark Ruffalo, aka The Hulk / Bruce Banner from the Avengers shared that he was dyslexic after being asked about why he mentioned in an interview that he had difficulty reading.

hulk-ruffalo-dyslexiaThe multi-talented actor is an Oscar nominee, director, producer, and humanitarian activist. He also is the dad of three dyslexic kids.

“I have three kids. I just want to get them on the road in a healthy way that’s going to give them the best chances in the world that we live in. Two of them are dyslexic, so I want to make sure that their education chances are just as good as anybody else’s, and that they’re not left behind just because they have learning differences.

From a Vanity Fair interview, Mark also talks about ‘normal families’ and his recent movie Infinitely Polar where he plays a dad with manic depression:


“What is normal?” really becomes the question. What is normal, and how are we fooled into thinking it’s something other than what we’re doing at any given time. Every family has either a drug addict or an alcoholic or some sort of dysfunction that the family is dealing with. And I think the grace of this family is that they actually could be that far out there but also be forgiving, and be really human, and be human in front of each other without much shame. “Tell them your father is bipolar,” that line in the movie. What we’re saying in the movie is, we live beside it. And we continue to live, we don’t give up anything, we don’t hide it. There’s no shame in it. If my kids can capture that about themselves. . . I have kids with disabilities. All three of my kids are dyslexic, and two of them are ADHD. Now, we could put a lot of shame, and there’s certain schooling that does put a lot of shame, on those aspects, but where they’re going to school now, and the way we’re dealing with it, is to be upfront about it, accepting, and without shame. And those kids are prospering in that environment. And so a home life where it’s so full of so many rigorous ideas about the way things should be, this word “should,” I think is absolutely toxic to children. It hurts their personalities, it hurts their points of view in the world, it hurts their ability to be open and caring and curious. So, yeah. An element of allowance in a family, is, I think, really a positive thing. ”

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