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Do you known dyslexia tutor or learning center that you would recommend? If so, you could really help someone else! Make sure you have a professional’s permission to list their contact information before making a recommendation.

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Personally-recommended tutors or centers are listed in BOLD. These are recommendations made by members of our community. Dyslexic Advantage does not endorse any particular tutor or system.  Our list will be regularly updated. Please let us know about any updates or corrections. a

There are several tutors who work via the Internet. To find these tutors, search in your browser, go to the top and select Edit > Find> and search for  ‘remote’ or ‘Skype’

Thanks to Denise Myers from Kentucky who volunteered to help us update this list in October 2017.





JULEE FASO-FORMOSO  Julee’s Tutoring Services  P.O. Box 672269 Chugiak, AK 99567  juleeff@mtaonline.net  Phone: 907-231-0726. K-6, Middle, High School; Spelling Writing, Reading, $Low /$$ Medium Spelling, Barton, Toe-to-Toe, Angling for Words
Dana: Julee has brought out a level of confidence in my child that was not there. He requests to see her more because he enjoys the time with her. She is always introducing fun ways to send the message over. I highly recommend this tutor.
Stephanie: Julee is an amazing tutor that I would highly recommend to others. Competent, kid centered and extremely resourceful.
Rebekah: She took our son from reading at 3rd grade level to reading at 6th grade in a year! He doesn’t fight us on reading anymore and has been on Honor Roll all year!  We just love this lady with all our hearts!

LYNNE ANDERSON  Making Math EZ 9401 Buddy Werner Dr. Anchorage, AK 99507 lynne@alaskaengineer.com K-6, Middle, High School; Math; $/Low $25. Making Math Meaningful + other resources.
Nathan and Khrysten: Lynne has a true 1:1 student to teacher ratio and uses patience and dedication allowing for our daughter to feel self-confident. We are very thankful for her specialized multi sensory techniques. Lynne is teaching her about true perseverance and becoming triumphant in all walks of life.

SHANNA TADIC, M.Ed. SPED Tadic Tutoring 2024 Halibut Point Rd. Sitka, AK 99835 shank_tadic@hotmail.com K-6, Middle and High School Reading, Writing, Spelling, Math. $$/Medium. Slingerland, Tutor with student’s current math program.



DONNA PRICE 3802 E Patrick Lane Phoenix, AZ 85050 dpdyslexia@gmail.com Website: www.dpdyslexia.com Phone: 407- 474-8924. Middle School; Reading, Writing, Spelling, Executive Function/Organization. $$/Medium. Barton, Spelling.
Lori: I highly recommend this tutor. She helps my son who is in the 7th grade.
Nancy: Donna is thorough, patient and well organized. She has a love and the knowledge to help kids learn.
Denise: No comments.

LISSA HOWARD  Prescott, AZ 86301
claymore94@msn.com Phone: 928-925-4529. K-6, Middle, High School; Reading, Writing, Spelling. $/Low. Barton.
Erika: no comments
Jennifer: Lissa is an amazing tutor…I truly do not have enough words to express how exceptional she is at her job and how much the students love her! She takes the frustration out of the learning process and is an incredible support for both students and parents!

slhannaaz2@gmail.com Website: www.dyslexiapathwaysplus.com Middle School; Reading, Writing, Spelling. $$/Medium. Barton.
Karen: Sharon is a REALLY GOOD tutor for dyslexia. Sharon found us through Wyzant, an online tutoring platform.

STACY FRETHEIM 9821 East Bell Rd Ste 100 Scottsdale, AZ 85260
stacy.fretheim@wellingtonalexander.com  Phone: 480-629-4461.
K-6, Middle, high School, College, Adult; Reading, Writing, Spelling, Executive Function / Organization, Math; $$/Medium. Writing – Paragraph & Essay, Touch Math, Spelling, RAVE-O, Lindamood Bell.



PATTY JAMES   Little Rock, AR
pcjames1961@att.net, Phone: 501-663-3450 K-6; $/Low. Reading, Math, Spelling, Writing, Touch Math, Spelling, Barton, Nessy Reading Eggs, Express Aleks Math.
Jeff: She is excellent and has taught my son to love reading!



ANJEL TOTTY  Totty Educated Solutions PO Box 9371  Santa Rosa, CA 95405  anjel@thrivewithdyslexia.com  Phone: 707-843-1895
K-6, Reading, Spelling, $$ ($50-60 per hour, min 2 hrs per week) Barton, Toe by Toe Angling for Words.
Rebekah: Our son loves working with Anjel. She’s very personable and comes to our home 2x per week.
R: Recommended (no comments listed).
Oralee:  Anjel Totty is an AMAZING tutor for my dyslexic son. She has changed our lives and our son is mainstreamed because of her kind, patient, and effective help.
Kathleen: We don’t seem to have many folks trained in dyslexia tutoring in Sonoma County, California. We are lucky to have such a well-educated, professional, and devoted individual such as Anjel Totty available to assist those in need in Sonoma County. Not only is she well trained, she is amazing with my five and a half year old. She is able to get on his level and make him excited about the work she and he do together. His reading skills improve by leaps and bounds every single time we see her.

ANNETTE OWENS High Five Tutoring San Ramon, CA 94583 annetteshighfivetutoring@gmail.com  Phone: 925-787-5008. K-6, Middle School; Reading, Writing, Spelling, Math; $$/Medium. Orton-Gillingham. LD students resource teacher who is reading specialist that empowers kids and shows them a method that works for the way they learn. Utilizes Orton Gillingham techniques that build your child’s confidence. Advocacy and IEP support.
Shari: My child’s reading level improved after 1 1/2 months up a grade level.
Laura: Annette is an amazing tutor. She did a fabulous job getting my son to read. She is always well prepared for the tutoring sessions and has fun and engaging activities. I would highly recommend Annette.

BETSY RUTHERFORD Mrs. Betsy’s Tutoring 2471 Palmira Place San Ramon, CA 94583 bartontutoring@yahoo.com Phone: 925-216-4360. K-6, Middle School, High School; Reading, Spelling. Barton.
Julie: Betsy is a fantastic tutor. She has taught 3 of my children and they have all grown so much in their skills.

CYNTHIA DAPELLO  Could It Be Dyslexia Upland Rancho Cucamonga, CA Cynthia@CouldItBeDyslexia.com Phone: 909-214-4697. K-6, Middle School, Reading, Writing, Spelling, $$/Medium. Barton.
Janet: Cynthia has been working with my son for several years. In addition to being dyslexic, my son is also A.D.D. My son has a lot of behavior issues that he displays at school. In the four years he has been working with Cynthia he has never had any issues with his behavior. Cynthia is very good at dealing with children with different issues, and making them feel comfortable, safe and successful. When my son feels confident and successful, he does not act out. Thank you Cynthia.
Bill: Really professional with a love of students.
Garrett: No comments.
Lisa: We are very happy with Cynthia. She works great with my son and he enjoys learning to spell and read with her.
Nancy: Cynthia is professional, knowledgeable and extremely patient.
Malisa:  No comments.
Clemie: No comments.

DEBBIE DUECK Pacifica, CA K-6; Reading; $$/Medium. Barton.
Kathleen: No comments.

GRETCHEN STEVEN   Stevens Reading Tutoring  541 W Country Hills Drive La Habra, CA  90631  gstevens12900@sbcglobal.net   Phone: 741-526-4444. K-6, Middle, High School, College, Adult; Reading, Spelling, $$/Medium. Barton, Lindamood Bell
Michelle: Excellent tutor! She has been able to teach my children more than any other teacher!

KAREN ISAACSON Path to Reading Success Santa Cruz, CA Karen@PathToReadingSucces.com Phone: 408-504-4435. K-6, Middle School; Reading Writing Spelling; $$/Medium. Advanced Certified Reading and Spelling Tutor, Barton.
Michael: Karen helped our daughter transform into a successful student and more importantly, a confident, happy young lady.

CHRISIE LIM Learning Success 25414 Avenida Escalera Valencia, CA 91355 learningsuccess2003@yahoo.com Phone: 661-222-2233 K-6, Middle School, High School, Adult; Reading Writing Spelling Math; $$/Medium (discounts to homeschool students who come during daytime hours) Barton, Lindamood Bell LIPS, Touch Math, Screening.
A: My daughter exceeded our expectations with Mrs. Lim! I could not recommend her more strongly. Her caring approach with these kids causes them to want to work hard to please her. It’s amazing to watch!
Hannah: My daughter really enjoys working with Chrisie. She is extremely patient and very encouraging to her students. My daughter is having great success in her academics and social life as well since beginning tutoring with Chrisie. We love her!

LYNN STREET  Hurdles Dyslexia Clinic  Brentwood, CA 94513 hurdlesdyslexiaclinic@yahoo.com  Phone: 925-337-3191. K-6, Middle School; Reading, Writing, Spelling. Barton.
Amy: No comments.

BARBARA SUIT “I Get It” Tutoring 3245 Dryden Ave Gilroy, CA 94020 barbarak.suit@gmail.com Phone: 408-621-1630. K-6, Middle, high School, Adult Barton Reading and Spelling (up to advanced), Screening, Making Math Real through Algebra.

CYNDY ANN LEMYRE ACTIVE READING CENTER  25 Hillcroft Way  Walnut Creek, CA 94597 director@activereadingcenter.org
Phone: 925-944-5559. K-6, Middle, High School, College Entrance Exams, College, Adult: Reading and Reading Comprehension, Writing, Spelling; $$/Medium.

Reading Revolution (TM by Judy Kranzier, Darcy Thompson) 7690 Pit Road Redding, CA 96001 thompsonreadingclinic@gmail.com  Phone: 530-243-1052. K-6, Middle, High School (ages 5-21); Reading, Writing Spelling, Assistive Technology; $/Low. Barton, Lindamood Bell, RAVE-O; OG certified through Dyslexia Training Institute, crafts individual lessons, structured word inquiry, fluency, and comprehension address within OG progression.

MA in LD, Illinois Teaching credential as a learning/behavioral specialist. Iljwsolomon@yahoo.com K-12 grade, college, graduate school. LIPS, Visualizing and Verbalizing, Slingerland, Making Math Real, advocacy (IDEA, ADA, IEP). Learning Specialist at Stanford.

MORRISSEY-COMPTON EDUCATIONAL CENTER 595 Price Ave Redwood City, CA 94063 adria.flores@morrcomp.org Phone: 650-322-5910. Slingerland, Wilson, Writing – Paragraph and Essay, $$$/High  Scholarships are available.

KIM RANKIN 61 Shaw Place San Ramon, CA 94583
kimrankin.tutor@gmail.com Phone 925-577-7135. K-6, Middle, High School, Adult Reading, Spelling. Barton. My goal is to make sure every student leaves a session, not only with new skills, but also feeling confident and positive about themselves.



TRISH NELSON 1 Heaton Place Pueblo, CO 81101 trishnelson@reagan.com Phone: 719-250-3643. K-6; Reading, Writing, Spelling; $$/Medium. Barton.
Crystal: no comments

HELEN STERGIUS 4107 Tumbleweed Dr Colorado Springs, CO 80918 helenstergius@gmail.com Phone: (719)466-0183. K-6, Middle, High School, College, Adult; Reading, Writing Spelling; $$/Medium. Barton, dyslexia screening.
Erika: Helen has worked with my dyslexic/dysgraphic son since October, 2015, and the results have been astonishing. I’m so grateful to have a once very frustrated student now being much more comfortable with reading, writing and spelling!

NIKKI KALINOWSKI  Tutoring & Consulting 707 E 2nd Ave Apt 1 Denver, CO 80203 asdkalinowski@gmail.com Phone: 720-299-5479. K-6, Middle School, High School; Reading, Writing, Spelling, Math, Executive function/Organization, Adult Basic Literacy, College/Life Coach, Assistive Technology Writing – Paragraph and Essay, Lindamood Bell, Spelling, Positive Reinforcement Multi-sensory instruction for reading, comprehension, math (up to high school), and writing. Incremental with positive reinforcement.
Laurie: Nikki has been tutoring my children for the past 3 years. Her extensive knowledge and understanding of dyslexia is invaluable. The children have a wonderful relationship with her and enjoy tutoring. Nikki has helped my son dramatically with all of his skills. My daughter is now on the honor roll. I would recommend Nikki to any parent. She has been a blessing to our family.

Lindsay Lesch  Academic Ascents PO Box 1540 Frisco, CO 80443 academicascents@gmail.com Phone: 207-735-4204. K-6, Middle School; Reading, Writing, Executive Function /Organization, Math, Spelling; $$/Medium. Wilson, Scottish Rite, Lindamood Bell. Lindsay is an Orton-Gillingham certified tutor through IMSLEC.

MICHELLE DOMINGUEZ Adventures in Dyslexia Littleton, CO 80127 michelle@adventuresindyslexia.com Phone: 503-330-4335. K-6, Middle and High School, College, Adult Reading, Spelling, Adult Basic Literacy. $$/Medium. Barton.

CAROL STATHER  Achieve Reading – Multisensory  265 South Park Rd Highlands Ranch, CO 80126  achievereading@gmail.com Phone: 720-328-9229. K-6, Middle and High School, Adult Credentialed teacher, taught in a public magnet Slingerland school as a classroom teacher in CA from 1980-1985. Has tutored individuals and small groups since late 1980’s. Holds a lifetime credential in CA, an expired credential in OR, and a current (until 2021) in Colorado. Reading, Writing, Spelling, Adult Basic Literacy. $$/Medium. Slingerland.

JEANNE WALTERS BLOSSOM, LEARN & GROW TUTORING, LLC  2180 Hastings Court Santa Rosa, CA 95405 Phone: 707.953.2118
blossomlearnandgrow@gmail.com K-6, Middle, High School; Reading, Writing, Spelling; $$/Medium. Barton, Spelling, Foundation in Sound, Handwriting Without Tears, Keyboarding Without Tears, Touch Math.



KRISTI DAVIS 104 Balmore Lane Wilmington, DE 19808 staatsk@me.com Phone: 302-463-0443. K-6, Middle, High School, Adult; Reading, Writing, Spelling; $$/Medium. Spelling, Barton.
Tracy: High quality for the price. Kristi tutored my son who has dyslexia. She is an excellent tutor. She was always well prepared and extremely patient and kind. Thanks to Kristi my son became a voracious reader, was able to test into a very competitive high school, and most recently received a 700 on the Verbal section of the SAT. Unbelievable for a student with dyslexia. We owe a lot to Kristi. I very highly recommend her.
Casetta: Kristi is the most amazing teacher I’ve ever had. She believes in me and loves what she does. I’m finally winning in reading and it feels wonderful.



ELLEN MOSS Moss Speech, Language, & Reading Ct 6155 Park
Blvd Pinellas Park, FL 33781 moss.speech@gmail.com Phone: 727-345-4859. K-6, Middle School; Reading, Writing, Spelling, Math, Executive Function/Organization; $125 per hour, 2x week required. $$$/Expensive. Barton, Writing – Paragraph and Essay, Fast Forword for Auditory Processing.
Donna: Most appointments after school are taken so try to get on the waitlist. I was moved up to a time I wanted within a month or so. Center also takes the Step Up Program, however, they do not accept insurance.

DARLA HATTON 801 Cavemill Way Tarpon Springs, FL 34689 info@DyslexiaFacts.Net Phone: 727-692-0988. K-6, Middle, High School; Reading; $-$$ Low-Medium. Barton.
Heather:  Darla is fantastic. My daughter has been using her as a tutor for a year and a half and has improved two grade levels in Reading. We had tried tutoring centers and phonics prior with no success. Darla was able to help us understand our daughters challenges with dyslexia and tactics to get her where she needed to be. The results have been nothing short of amazing. We highly recommend her!

jen@mauserinc.com Phone: 937-272-7547. K-6, Middle School; Reading, Writing, Spelling; $$/Medium. Barton, Institute for Excellence in Writing.
Stephanie: Jennifer Mauser has changed our lives. My daughter has continuously done better in school and for the first time is reading on grade level. Her writing has also caught the attention of her teacher and being significantly improved. She has also, for the first time, passed Development Education quarterly exams in reading and math. Without Jennifer in our lives, I firmly believe that my daughter would have started to give up on her education.

KIM SAMPLES 9445 Beauclerc Terrace Jacksonville, FL 32257 kimberlysamples@aol.com Phone: 904-467-9341. K-6, Middle School, High School, College, Adult; Reading; $$/Medium. Barton.
Lesley: no comments.

LAURIE FRYDENLUND The Learning Solution of SWFL Fort Myers, FL info@learningsolutionswf.com Phone: 239-313-6211. K-6; Reading; $$/Medium. Barton.
Tracy: no comments.

PAT SEKEL, PHD CALT QI LDT Dyslexia Resources Center psekel@yahoo.com Phone: 386-500-1068. K-6, Middle, High School, College; Reading, Writing, Adult Basic Literacy, Executive Function/ Organization, Spelling; $$/Medium. All Neuhaus Education center Curricula, Basic Language Skills, Scientific Spelling, Developing Metacognitive Skills, Reading Readiness, Multisensory Grammar, Trainer for all as well. Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading & Spelling
(LETRS) – former national trainer PhD in Reading with emphasis on reading disabilities; ground in structured, sequential, explicit, evidence-based practices.

THORA COOK  TLC Dyslexia Services 6340 26th Ave N St. Petersburg, FL 33710 thoracook@gmail.com Phone: 727-709-2576. K-6, Middle, High School; Reading, Writing, Spelling, Math; $$/Medium. Barton Reading & Spelling, Touch Math, Institute for Excellence in Writing, Times Tales, Math-U-See.

TRICIA GERARD MEd NBCT Lake Worth, FL 33467  www.ireadingtutor.com sld.dyslexia@gmail.com Phone: 561-601-5883. K-6, Middle, High School, College, Adult; Reading, Writing, Spelling; $/Low-$$/Medium. Lindamood Bell, Singapore Math, Spelling, Touch Math, Writing -Paragraph & Essay, Wilson I Certification, Handwriting without Tears; Strategic Instruction Model – Fundamentals in Sentence Writing, Proficiency in Sentence Writing, Word Mapping, Inference Strategy, Essay Test Taking Strategy.

MICHELE BIRD, M.Ed. The Learning Nest Educational Services 11481 Old St. Augustine Rd Jacksonville, FL 32258 michele@tlnest.com
Phone: (904) 521-9735. K-6, Middle, High School, College, Adult; Reading, Writing, Spelling, Adult Basic Literacy. $$/Medium. Barton. Certified Barton Tutor, Certified Institute For Excellence in Writing Instructor. M.Ed. with a literacy concentration and reading endorsement.



BECKY HEMBREE  1955 Starr Rd Conyers, GA 30094 beckyhembreeemail@yahoo.com Phone: 404-426-3327. K-6; Reading, Writing, Spelling, Adult Basic Literacy, Math; $/Low. Barton.
Maria: no comments

DITE BRAY Ladder Learning Services 3300 Buckeye Rd #254 Atlanta GA 30341  Atlanta Metro Area & Remote (Online) ladderlearning@gmail.com Phone: 404-654-3557. K-6, Middle, High School, College, Adult; Reading, Writing, Spelling, Math, Adult Basic Literacy, Handwriting; $/Low. Barton Reading and Spelling System. Certified in Orton-Gillingham. Trained in the Lindamood-Bell Visualizing and Verbalizing program, Handwriting Without Tears, and Orton-Gillingham math. Scottish Rite. Wilson. Writing – Paragraph and Essay. Cloud 9 Math.
Vickie: My daughter has had great success with Mrs. Bray. I would highly recommend her.

SYBIL BARKER  Braselton, Dacula, Buford, Flowery Branch, GA 30519 sybilbarker@yahoo.com Phone: 678-634-7904. K-6, Middle, High School, College, Adult; Reading, Writing, Spelling, Math; $$/Medium
Barton, Multisensory math, Visualizing & Verbalizing. Advanced Certification in Barton Reading and Spelling. Certified by Handwriting without Tears, Language!, and UC Berkeley. Trained by Lindamood-Bell in LiPS, and by Susan Barton to screen for dyslexia. 17 years teaching experience. 27 years serving children professionally (as tutor, classroom teacher, children’s librarian, and social worker for learning disabled children).
Laura: Sybil is a wonderful person as well as a highly trained tutor for individuals with dyslexia. She has worked with our daughter to progress through the Barton Reading and Spelling Program. Her kind and encouraging nature has instilled confidence again in our little girl who was struggling so much in third grade. Sybil has literally turned our family around and helped us head back in the right direction. We couldn’t thank her enough!!
Summer: Mrs. Barker is very knowledgeable and patient. She makes the tutoring fun and interesting for my daughter.

SHANNON POJEDINEC  113 Hillside Dr Douglas, GA 31533 beantree@gmail.com  Phone: 912-309-9329. K-6, Middle, High School, College Entrance Exams, College, Adult; Reading, Writing, Spelling, Adult Basic Literacy; $$/Medium. Barton.

SHERIE ARNOLD Kennesaw, GA sheriearnold@gmail.com Phone: 747-215-6048. K-6, Middle, High School, College, Adult; $$/Medium. Barton, Lindamood Bell.



JENNIFER SALOWITZ  Sycamore, IL but also online. jennifersalowitz@gmail.com  Phone: 630-802-3406. K-6, Middle School, High School, College, Adult; Reading, Spelling, Life Coach; $$/Medium. Barton, Time Tales (multiplication and division facts).
Lisa: Tutoring is completed online using a free screen sharing program. Diagnostic reading, writing, and spelling assessment. Awesome patient tutor!

thewrittenwordtww@gmail.com   Phone: (630) 549-4313. K-6, Middle, High School; Reading, Writing, Spelling, Math, Executive Function/Organization; Dyslexia and related learning differences, such as dysgraphia, dyscalculia, written expression disorders, and ADD. $$/Medium. Touch Math, Take Flight, Handwriting Without Tears.
Kristin: Tara has changed my son’s life forever. She started working with him at the start of first grade when he couldn’t read at all. By the end of second grade, his reading scored above average and he has finished all ten of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. My son also has dysgraphia and ADHD. Tara’s use of Handwriting Without Tears has helped him immensely. Tara is the only Certified Academic Language Therapist in Illinois, and Licensed Dyslexia Therapist. She has a warm, friendly personality that makes kids love her. We strongly recommend her!

THE DYSLEXIA CENTER OF SPRINGFIELD (Scottish Rite) 1020 Rickard Rd C Leahy Springfield, IL 62704 spfldlc@comcast.net
Phone: 217-793-7735. K-6, Middle, High School; Reading, Writing, Spelling, Math. Scottish Rite.
Kathy: Not only is the tutoring free, they offer free training to those that qualify to be a tutor. I am so thankful for this center. My son is Dyslexic and this center has given him the ability to take on the challenge of learning to read. We as a family are very supportive of the center and active in our community to insure that our state and schools start addressing this issue in our school’s curriculum.

BASHA ONTIVEROS, MS CCC-SLP and TUTOR Bloomington, IL 61701 bashao@hotmail.com Phone: 309-830-5925. K-6, Middle School; Executive Function/Organization, Spelling, Writing, Reading; $$/Medium. Writing – Paragraph & Essay, Lindamood Bell, Seeing Stars, LIPS, Lexia, Barton.

KATHLEEN DOHERTY Speech for All Seasons 21449 Breton Rd Frankfort, IL 60423 jkdoherty21449@att.net Phone: 708.717.3902. K-6, Middle, High School, College, Adult; Reading, Writing, Spelling, Adult Basic Literacy, College/Life Coach, Executive Function/Organization; $$/Medium. Wilson, Lindamood Bell. Orton-Gillingham multi-sensory phonetic/language based support.

sullivan91@comcast.net K-6, Middle, High School; Reading, Writing, Spelling Math. $$/Medium; Barton, Lindamood Bell, Touch Math, Orton-Gillingham K-12 Certified teacher in special education and reading disabilities.

NANCY PARKER Parker Education Services 2 Litchfield Lane Champaign, IL 61820 parkereducationservices@yahoo.com Phone: 217-778-2996. K-6, Middle, High School; Reading, Writing, Spelling, Math, Executive Function/Organization; $$/Medium. Barton, Spelling, Touch Math, Writing (Paragraph & Essay).

MICHELE JOHNSON, CALP Children’s Dyslexia Center, Inc. 1549 Frank Scott Pkwy W Belleville, IL 62223 director@sril092.com
Phone: 618-235-9392. K-6, Middle, High School (grades 1-12); Reading, Writing, Spelling. Orton-Gillingham Instruction. This is a Scottish Rite Charity and is free to students. I am the director of the Children’s Dyslexia Center, Inc. in Belleville, Illinois.  Our tutors are certified Orton-Gillingham Teachers and we are accredited by IDA and IMSLEC.



SARAH BUMBLEBURG Foundations Dyslexia and Learning Center Seymour, IN 47274 sarah@foundationsdlc.com Phone: 812-379-9227. K-6, Middle School; Reading, Writing, Spelling, Executive Function/Organization; $$/Medium. Barton.
Nancy: She makes my son feels safe and smart!
Kristy: Sarah has been great to work with. She is very helpful and knowledgeable with dyslexia and suggestions that might help. Sarah is personable and always smiling and willing to help in any way she can. We are thrilled that we found Sarah and have been able to work with her and to get our daughter help for her dyslexia.

TINA BAILEY A Better Chance 2 Learn abetterchance2learn@yahoo.com Phone: 574-505-1028. K-6, Middle, High School; Reading, Writing, Spelling, Math; $$/Medium. Barton.
Angela: Very helpful and will work with you to give your child the best tutoring experience possible. A wonderful and caring person!



AMY LENGER  True Potential Education  7755 Office Plaza Dr. N Suite 105 West Des Moines, IA 50266 alenger@truepotentialed.com
Phone: 515-218-8445. K-6, Middle, High School, College, Adult; Reading, Writing, Spelling, Math, Executive Function/Organization, Assistive Technology; $$/Medium. Barton, Lindamood Bell, Wilson, Multi-Sensory Math. In addition to utilizing OG methodology, we create personalized plans for our students to address additional speech/language related issues, if needed (i.e. sound production, expressive/receptive language, word recall, etc.).



ALLISON WINTERS, MEd CCC-SLP Speechability 7026 Alden St. Shawnee, KS 66216 speechabilityllc@gmail.com Phone: 913-777-4757 K-6; Reading, Writing, Spelling; $$/Medium. Barton.
Alayne: no comments.

HORIZON ACADEMY 4901 Reinhardt Dr.  Roeland Park, KS 66205 vasher@horizon-academy.com Phone: 913-789-9443. K-6, Middle, High School; Reading, Writing, Spelling, Math, Executive Function/Organization; $$/Medium. The Orton-Gillingham Approach. Horizon Academy is currently working towards accreditation from the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators (AOGPE) and is working under the supervision of a Fellow of the Academy.



DENISE MYERS, M.Ed. Dreamcloud Psychology & Educational Services  3801 Springhurst Blvd. Suite 205, Louisville, KY 40241
dreamcloudpsychology@gmail.com Website: www.dreamcloudpsychology.com Phone: 502.792.9117. K-6, Middle School, High School, College; Reading, Writing, Spelling, Executive Function/Organization; $$/Medium-$$$/Expensive. Barton, Structured Word Inquiry, Foundations in Sounds/LiPS, Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW), Math-U-See, Touch Math.  Denise is a Certified Barton tutor (Master Level), as well as a Licensed Psychological Associate in KY.
Sarah: Denise has tutored my daughter who has dyslexia, dysgraphia, and ADHD. She is an excellent tutor and diagnostician. She was always well prepared, extremely kind, and very communicative. Thanks to Denise, my daughter started reading above grade level and fell in love with reading! Most recently she received an academic scholarship to high school – an accomplishment that would have been inconceivable over two years ago! We are very thankful to have found Denise and will always be thankful for her guidance and support on our daughter’s journey!

SHEILA BLANDFORD Dyslexia Associates 109 Windsor Ct Danville,KY 40422 sheilablandford@gmail.com Phone: 502-644-5289. K-6, Middle, High School, College Entrance Exams, College, Adult; Reading, Writing Spelling; $$/Medium. Barton. I’m a certified Barton tutor.



JANET VOSBURG   Prairieville LA 70769
iewjsv@gmail.com Phone: 832-544-7798. K-6, Middle School; Reading, Writing, Spelling; $$/Medium. Students using Barton must be tutored a minimum of twice a week, one hour each time. I also teach English to ESL (ENGLISH as a second language) to adult women. I am a trained Barton screener /tutor and am able to write a 12 page report after administering 9-11 screening tools. Also, I am a certified writing instructor for IEW (Institute for Excellence in Writing – iew.com). Barton. Institute for Excellence in Writing. Beginning Public Speaking Boot Camp, Bible Adventures, All Things Fun and Fascinating, Rockets, Radar and Robotics -I am competent in Levels 1-4 of the Barton Reading and Spelling System. I am willing to purchase and learn the higher levels.
Colleen: I would recommend Janet for tutoring. She was honest and reliable. She worked well with my child and was able to keep her focused for the full hour. Her rates are reasonable and her schedule was very accommodating. She also left materials with us she felt could help my child with writing skills at her school. I recommend her for any tutoring needs.



LUCIANA LANCELLOTA lucilance@aol.com Phone: 401-474-2179. K-6, Middle School; Reading, Writing (Paragraph & Essay); $/Low-$$/Medium. Lindamood Bell, Spelling, Wilson Certified Reading Specialist, Special Educator, Elementary School teacher in MA and RI, 20 years in public and private schools. Tutor since 2002.

SHARON CASARELLA  15 Anna Court  Seekonk, MA 02771 Sharon@Casarellatutoring.com Phone: 774-991-1226 K-6, Middle School, Adult; Reading, Writing, Spelling, Adult Basic Literacy; $$/Medium- $$$/Expensive. Wilson. www.casarellatutoring.com

BETH SULLIVAN MEd ATP  Worcester, MA 01606 bethsullivantutor@gmail.com Phone: 508-318-8867. K-6, Middle and High School Reading, Writing, Spelling, Executive Function/Organization, Assistive Technology. $$/Medium. Orton-Gillingham.



MARY LYNN SMITH 102 Mercer Ct Frederick, MD 21701 marylynnsmith21@gmail.com Phone: 301-606-3754. K-6, Middle. Reading, Writing, Spelling. $$/Medium. Wilson. Orton-Gillingham trained, Alphabetic Phonics.
Rosemary: My dyslexic daughter has worked with Ms. Smith for 4 years.  In addition to helping with LA skills, Ms. Smith’s teaching techniques boost my daughter’s confidence and self-esteem.



MELISSA HUISKENS 2126 Windy Ridge Traverse City, MI 49696 growingmindstutoring@outlook.com Phone: 231-932-4695. K-6, Middle, Adult; Reading, Writing, Spelling. $$/Medium. Barton.

STEPHANIE CASTILLO, MA, CDP Brainspring Learning Center 6751 Dixie Highway, Suite 107 Clarkston, MI 48346  stephanie.castillo@brainspring.com Phone: 248-645-9690. K-6, Middle, High School, Adult; Reading, Writing, Spelling, Math, Executive Function/Organization, Adult Basic Literacy, College Literacy, SAT/ACT, Homework Help. $/Low-$$/Medium. Our Phonics First® Orton-Gillingham program is accredited by the International Dyslexia Association and the International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council.



KAREN SONDAY Sonday Center 6950 France Ave Edina, MN 55435 karen@sondayreadingcenter.org  Phone: 952-920-9280. K-6, Middle School, High School; Reading; $$/Medium-$$$/Expensive. Winsor Learning – Sonday System.
Bonnie: No comments.

MARY TSCHIDA Learn to Learn Solutions 2057 Randolph Ave St. Paul, MN 55105 and Online Skype info@dyslexiasolutions.com
K-6, Middle School, High School, College Entrance Exams, College, Adult. $$/Medium. Barton.
Katie: My son is able to tutor via Skype. So he is able to use the time right after school , before I am home from work. It’s great to have that time used so productively and he s making huge strides.

karenmarttinen@gmail.com  Phone: 952-457-1015. K-6, Middle, High School; Reading; $$/Medium. Barton.

EVELYN HASSELMAN The 20% Club 1544 County Rd H2 White Bear Twsp, MN 44110 evelyn@the20percentclub.com Phone: 651-245-2858. K-6, Middle, High School, College Entrance, College, Adult; Reading, Writing, Spelling, Handwriting without Tears Barton, Winsor Learning- Sonday System.



Carla Carlos  Educational Strategies Center 6652 Hwy 98 W Hattiesburg MS 39402 esc4learning@gmail.com K-6, Middle, High School, College; Reading, Writing, Spelling, Math, Executive Function/ Organization, Adult Basic Literacy, College/Life Coach; $$/Medium. I have been trained in many of the above programs, but I am an Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators therapist and work with my clients diagnostically and prescriptively.



KATHY GAVIN M.Ed. 17154 Elm Trail Dr Eureka, MO 63025 Advocate for Students with Unique Learning Needs kbgavin@gmail.com Phone: 314-630-5108. K-6, Middle, High School, College, Adult; Reading, Writing, Spelling, Math, Executive Function/Organization, Adult Basic Literacy; $$/Medium. Kathy is a trained and certified Barton tutor. She is familiar with other OG programs and willing to learn/use the curriculum your family/school uses. Kathy tutors some students through Skype. Can do remote tutoring and informal assessments.
Julie: Kathy’s services are worth her fee. She is willing to go above and beyond. She will contact your child’s teachers directly if needed.

MICHELE WEST 816 Massachusetts Joplin, MO 64801 jomodyslexiahelp@gmail.com Phone: 417-396-6864. K-6, Middle, High School, Adult, College; Reading; $$/Medium. Barton.
Mary: Michele did a very good job working with our son. He has learned so much, and is gaining confidence in his reading!
Lisa: very helpful, flexible schedule.

MARY BETH HOFER Churchill Center & School 1021 Municipal Center Drive St. Louis, MO 63131 mhofer@churchillstl.org
Phone: 314-997-4343. K-6, Middle and High School. Reading, Writing, Spelling, Executive Function/Organization, Math; Churchill is an Accredited Wilson® Partner – 50 Wilson Level 1 Certified Teachers on staff. $$/Medium. Wilson, Singapore Math.

NIKI COLLIER   Sedalia, MO 65301
collier7@charter.net Phone: 479-899-2511. K-6, Middle, High School; Reading, Spelling; $$/Medium. Barton.

PAMELA TAYLOR, MS EdPsych LexiAbility and the Learning Lab 402 East Bannister Rd Kansas City, MO 64131 info@readkc.com
Phone: 816-569-3110. LexiAbility is a center that provides assessment, remediation, accommodations support, and advocacy for those with dyslexia and their families. The director, Pamela Taylor MS EdPsych, is a masters certified Barton tutor and an educational therapist. We do not support the idea that dyslexia is pathological; rather, we assert that dyslexia is a part of a healthy brain difference that has both strengths and weaknesses. We have a staff of 11 dyslexia specialists, who either have dyslexia themselves or a loved one with dyslexia, who provide research-based remediation. We also have an enrichment program/school, The Learning Lab, for gifted kids with dyslexia, Monday-Thursday 9:30 AM- 2:30 PM. K-6, Middle, High School, College, Adult; Reading, Writing, Spelling, Math, Executive Function/Organization, Adult Basic Literacy, College, Life Coach; $$/Medium. Barton, Lindamood Bell, RAVE-O, Spelling, Writing-Paragraph and Essay, Math-U-See, Penmanship.

Ann Kavanaugh, MA  3111 Wyandotte Kansas City Missouri 64111 readingsolutionskc@gmail.com Phone: 816-536-2524. K-6, Middle and High School, College, Adult. I have worked with children and families for over 30 years, focusing on dyslexia for the past 7 years. I currently work with children as young as 4 years old and have students of all ages, including adults. Reading, Writing, Spelling, Adult Basic Literacy. I have a Masters degree in Developmental Reading, with over 30 years experience working with and advocating for children and families. I also adjunct at a local university, teaching a graduate level course on dyslexia to educators, and I offer consultations and presentations on dyslexia, including
“Dyslexia for a Day”. $$/Medium. Barton, Foundations in Sound, along with other approaches for preschool age students who already show signs of struggle, and young children who struggle severely. I try to keep my rates affordable so that families can get the expert help that they need for their child. Feel free to call with any questions or concerns. I am happy to consult or offer support.



ERIKA BURLEIGH, MA Reading Advanced Cert. 4280 Petty Creek Rd Alberton MT 59820 addressingdyslexia@yahoo.com
Phone: 406-864-0017. K-6, Middle, High School, College, Adult. Screening; Reading, Spelling; $$/Medium. Barton, Lindamood Bell.



DOREEN GRADY 30 Meyersville Rd Green Village, NJ 07935-3026 wegrady30@gmail.com Phone: 908-370-2561. K-6, Middle, High School; Reading, Writing, Spelling, Study Skills, some Assistive Technology. $$/Medium. Writing-Paragraph and Essay, Orton-Gillingham Approach, High School Entrance Exam Prep -SQ4R – Note taking prep, Annotation, Breaking down lengthy nonfiction reading material (Science, Social Studies), Mid-term and Final Exam Prep, Multi-Sensory Learning Techniques, Text to Speech Technology.
Gina: Doreen is an excellent tutor! She’s brilliant, kind, and an expert in dyslexia and the Orton-Gillingham Method. She is someone who continually seeks new information from a variety of sources to build her knowledge, make learning fun, and provide her students with excellent learning material. She’s always timely, well-prepared, and very patient. Doreen works very hard to help the student learn to “ own their learning opportunity,” provide tools to enable this, and eventually become so confident in who they are and their abilities that they can handle their work and situations on their own. She has been with my family for over six years, tutoring two of my four children. My older son she tutored from 3rd grade all the way to prep for high school! Today he’s a confident, brilliant student and person! We have Doreen to thank for part of that! We consider Doreen part of our family! I would recommend her to any child who really wants to improve their learning and feel confident in their abilities and who they are!

KIMBERLY SEISZ 327 East Ridgewood Ave #2C Ridgewood NJ 07450 kaseisz@gmail.com K-6, Middle School; Reading, Writing, Spelling. $$/Medium. Orton-Gillingham Certified. I am a trained dyslexia tutor.

NICOLE GAGLIARDI  Farmingdale NJ 07727
ngagliar@yahoo.com K-6, Middle School Reading, Writing, Spelling, Math. $$/Medium. Wilson Practitioner Level I.

JOYCE REUTER, M.A. Reading Solutions 65 Halstead Street Clinton, NJ  specializedreadingsolutions@gmail.com  Phone: 908-246-4149. K-6, Middle, High School, College, Adult. Reading, Writing, Spelling, Math, Executive Function/Organization, College/Life Coach. $$/Medium. Lindamood Bell.



JENNIFER HOFFMAN WNY Dyslexia Specialists 3527 Harlem Rd Ste 11 Cheektowaga NY 14225
jenniferhoffman@wnydyslexiaspecialists.com  Phone: 716-800-1124. K-6, Middle, High School, College Adult; Reading, Writing, Spelling. $$/Medium. Barton, Lindamood Bell, Spelling, Writing-Paragraph and Essay, Phonemic Awareness.
Jeannine: Highly recommended.



APRIL COGGINS Bright Minds Tutoring 631 S Shore Drive Southport NC 28461 abcoggins@gmail.com Phone: 910-279-7143. K-6, Middle, High School, College Entrance Exams, College; Reading, Writing, College, Life Coach, Adult Basic Literacy, Executive Function/Organization, Math, Spelling. $/Low. Barton.
Felicia: April is more than a tutor. My children see her as family because of the support and love she gives as she teaches and guides them through the struggles their learning disabilities give them everyday.

don-gretchen_cheney@sll.org Phone: 980-328-5957. K-6, Middle School, High School; Reading, Writing, Spelling, Executive Function/Organization; $$/Medium. Barton.
Elizabeth: Gretchen tutored my son from 5th grade through 7th and got him all the way through the Barton system. as a result, my son is on grade level, reading well and off his IEP. She was a fantastic tutor and I highly recommend her.

PAYNE AUCHMUTY Kernersville, NC 27284 pennywagnerauchmuty@yahoo.com Phone: 304-839-4257. K-6, Middle School, High School; Reading, Writing, Spelling; $/Low. Wilson, OG.

LESLIE K. ROSENBERG Student Learning Recovery Tutoring 6917 Cass Holt Rd Holly Spring, NC 27540 icansee3d@yahoo.com
Phone: 919-557-4727. K-6, Middle, High School, College, Adult. Reading, Writing, Spelling, Executive Function/Organization, Adult Basic Literacy, College Literacy; Multi-sensory Brain Training for working memory and information processing difficulties; $$/Medium. Lexia, Writing – Paragraph and Essay, Spelling, Touch Math, Stevenson language program similar to Wilson but more visual, Reading Horizons. For more info visit website: www.waketutoring.com

Elizabeth D Curtiss-Cabell, PhD, NBCT  Greensboro, NC 27409
dr.curtisscabell@gmail.com Phone: 336-207-2552. K-6, Middle, High School, College, Adult. Reading, Writing, Spelling, Executive Function/Organization, Adult Basic Literacy, College/Life Coach. $$/Medium. Lindamood Bell; The Spalding Method is used which is a multi-sensory approach to reading, writing, and spelling. Dr. Curtiss has dyslexia.  In college she received services through her university’s disability services program and decided to go into Special Education in hopes of helping other people with dyslexia.  Dr. Curtiss has over 25 years of experience working with people with exceptionalities. Her multi-sensory approach, as well as a developing a supporting and understanding relationship with her clients, has proven to be very powerful.  Dr. Curtiss not only works directly with clients, but advocates in the school system to help develop effective and appropriate IEPs and 504 plans.

sandie@lexercise.com Website: www.lexercise.com Phone: 888-603-1788. K-6, Middle School, High School, College, Adult; Reading, Writing, Spelling, Adult Basic Literacy.  Lexercise is a teletherapy company that supports structured literacy intervention for dyslexia, as well as treatment for comprehension difficulties, dysgraphia, and written language disorders. In addition, Lexercise provides language processing evaluations for clients ages 6 and older. The cost varies depending on the plan.  The cost of Lexercise Professional Therapy is similar to that of other professional therapy services.  Lexercise Basic Therapy puts the curriculum in the hands of a parent or guardian and is about a quarter of the cost of Professional Therapy.



RENEE MILLER  3970 39th St SE Tappen, ND millerfamily6@gmail.com Phone: 701-327-2214. K-6, Middle, High School; Reading, Executive Function/Organization; $/Low-$$/Medium. Barton, Lindamood Bell (LIPS only), Touch Math.
Kristina: no comments.
Kirsten: Renee was extremely patient and my daughter loved her. We also saw great progress during their time together.

ALYSIA BUDD Inspiring Minds Center for Dyslexia and Literacy 1110 College Dr Ste 216 Bismarck ND 58503 and Online Tutoring alylsia@inspiringmindscenter.com Phone: 701-204-7100. PreK-6, Middle, High School, College, Adult; Reading, Writing, Spelling, Math, Executive Function/Organization, Adult Basic Literacy, Handwriting (certified specialist), Keyboard Instruction, Screening. $/Low-$$/Medium. Barton, Lindamood Bell, Touch Math, Writing (Paragraph and Essay), Handwriting without Tears.



BETH RIEGEL Spelling Out Dyslexia 1574 Pin Oak Trail Mansfield, OH 44906 spellingoutdyslexia@yahoo.com Phone: 419-571-0769. K-6, Middle, High School, College, Adult Certified Barton tutor with a current, k-8, department of education teaching license. Dyslexia screening.
Emily: Beth is an excellent tutor, willing to work with children and parents to find what best motivates and meets the needs of each individual child.

KAREN YUNIS 6291 Ridgeview Blvd North Ridgeville OH 44039 yunis.karen@gmail.com Phone: 440-225-5247. K-6, Middle, High School, College; Reading, Writing, Spelling. $/Low. Barton.
Rachel: She has been tutoring my son for three years and he is almost done with the program. She has helped him to achieve so much! He is doing fantastic! Reading above his grade level.
Trisha: Karen is a patient and very knowledgeable tutor in Barton. She has years of experience and it shows.
Lindsay:  Karen began tutoring my son within a week of our initial meeting. Within the 1st four months his reading level progressed beyond that of his years’ of school interventions! He has a long road ahead of him – but it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Without Karen Yunis he would not have even been in the race. Not only is Karen an excellent tutor but she is also very aware of my son’s well-being. She has accommodated our schedule so he can play sports, have play dates, attend last minute activities, and play outside on a beautiful day. We couldn’t ask for more!

BETH PORTER Dayton READ 111 Lamplighter Trail Dayton, OH 45429 beth@porter5.com Phone: 937-475-8789. K-6, Middle, High School; Reading, Writing, Spelling, Executive Function. $$/Medium. Scottish Rite, Basic Orton-Gillingham, Advanced Latin & Greek.

EMILY BOOK 3393 Waterpoint Dr Columbus, OH 43221
dyslexiaconsulting@yahoo.com Phone: 740-821-1115. Website: www.readingbootcampohio.com K-6, Middle, High School, College, Adult; Reading, Writing, Spelling, Adult Basic Literacy. $$/Medium. Winsor Learning – Sonday System, Barton, Orton-Gillingham (original program).

JOEL GREFF  Dyslexia Institutes of America  1620 E Broad, Ste 103 Columbus, OH 43203 jgreff@diaohio.org Phone: 614-340-5592. K-6, Middle, High School, College, Adult; Reading, Writing, Spelling, Adult Basic Literacy, College/Life Coach, Assistive Technology. $/Low. Hybrid program of Orton-Gillingham based multi-sensory remediation with the addition of cognitive processing curriculum.  Integrated program draws on many tools including Wilson.



1step4him@gmail.com K-6, Middle, High School; Reading, Writing, Spelling; $/Low. Barton.
Angie: We love Ann and the gift of teaching she brings to our family!
Lara: This tutor is very patient and thorough. Very warm and kind. A very unique and special person!

DANIELLE THOMPSON DYSLEXIA SOLUTIONS OREGON 1728 C St Forest Grove, OR 97116 danielle@dyslexiasolutionsoregon.com
Phone: 971-227-3546 K-6, Middle School, High School; Reading, Writing, Spelling. $/Low-$$/Medium. Barton.
Della: Danielle changed my child’s life and that is her gift.
Melissa: no comments

JANE GRAMENZ Ms. Jane’s Tutoring 4111 Corredale St S Salem, OR 97302 msjanegramenz@gmail.com Phone: 503-737-7683. K-6, Middle, High School, College, College Entrance, Adult; Reading, Writing, Spelling. $$/Medium. Barton.
Jennifer: Jane Gramenz is the most thorough, well-trained tutor we have worked with. As parents of five children and one who has dyslexia, we have extensive experience working with tutors. Ms. Gramenz has been working with our seven year-old since his initial diagnosis at age five and he is now a fluent reader, acquiring skills that are well above and beyond anything we could have anticipated. We deliberately postponed a move to Chicago because we couldn’t risk losing the momentum we have with Ms. Gramenz. She is that good.

MARLA RESNICK Language Learning Connections Portland, OR msr3953@aol.com Phone: 503-550-0477. Middle School; Reading; $$/Medium. Barton.
Wendy: Marla relates beautifully to my daughter. She is kind, empathetic, attentive…and knows how to both motivate her and support her – two tasks equally crucial given my daughter was 9 before we realized she was dyslexic. My daughter has made significant progress working with Marla AND she actually doesn’t mind the work most of the time – I attribute that solely to Marla’s style – her gentle prodding, her understanding of how to relate to children in a way that allows progress to be made (Marla works with many other children at my daughter’s school). Besides all of that, Marla is incredibly committed to learning all she can about how to teach children better and how to teach more teachers about literacy. She’s always taking new classes and workshops and learning new skills to improve her success as a tutor. She is a wealth of information about research and resources. I can’t recommend Marla highly enough.

BARBARA STEINBERG PDX Reading Specialist 5285 Meadows Rd Ste 378 Lake Oswego, OR 97035
steinberg@pdxreadingspecialist.com Phone: 503-747-3491. K-6, Middle, High School; Reading, Writing Spelling, Executive Function/Organization. $$$/Expensive. Barton, Writing (Paragraph & Essay)

MICHELE BARNETT Barnett Learning Strategies Lake Oswego, OR 97035 mihele@barnettlearning.com Phone: 510-910-2789. K-6, Middle School. Certified Barton Tutor, Dyslexia Screener, Dyslexia Advocate. Reading, Writing, Spelling. $$/Medium. Barton.



deborah.service6@gmail.com Phone: 610-858-0412. K-6, Middle School; Reading, Spelling. $$/Medium. Barton.
Melissa: Deb is a skilled teacher and her tutoring has been life-changing for my son.
Shelley: Love Debbie and the Barton program.

rkofmehl@gmail.com Phone: 412-659-6594 K-6; Reading. $$/Medium.

TAMMY BACHOTA  209 Luther Rd Johnstown, PA 15904 tamanddon@atlanticbb.net Phone: 814-262-0541. K-6, Middle, High School; Reading. $$/Medium. Orton-Gillingham, Certified by the Dyslexic Training Institute of San Diego.

LVDebie@aol.com Phone: 267-229-1064. K-6; Reading, Spelling. $$/Medium. I am a certified teachers in PA and NJ and have been teaching elementary school for 20 years.  Most recently I work as a Reading Specialist for K-5 and I am Wilson Certified Level 1.



KATHRYN ROSLER Discovering Solutions LLC Providence, RI 02906 kathryn@discoveringsolutions.org Phone: 401-369-7327. K-6, Middle School, High School; Reading, Writing, Spelling, Math. $$/Medium.
Kristin: no comments.

JUDY PACKHAM MEd NBCT CDP  Shaping Readers judy@shapingreaders.com Phone: 401-829-1281. K-6, Middle and High School, College, Adult. Judy uses the Orton-Gillingham approach. Remote sessions (online) are available for some students, depending on needs.
$$/Medium. Judy holds certifications through both the International Dyslexia Association and the Academy of Orton-Gillingham. Many programs are based on the Orton-Gillingham approach, which is the gold standard for dyslexia tutoring. It is a structured, multi-sensory approach shown to be effective for dyslexics. It is also emotionally sound, as students build mastery, reading skills and confidence soar.



JESSICA ALBRECHT 117 Rolling Oak Drive Easley, SC 29642
j-albrecht@live.com Phone: 864-509-7080. K-6, Middle School, High School; Reading, Writing, Spelling, Dyslexia Screening; $/Low-$$/Medium. Barton.
Karen: Changed my poor son’s life. He said he wished she taught him everything!
Amanda: Wonderful! Can’t imagine where we would be without Jessica!



Peter A. Beddow, PhD, BCBA-D Accessible Behavior, LLC 100 Brian Circle Antioch, TN 37013 peterbeddow@gmail.com Phone: 615-403-8206. College, Adult. Writing, College/Life Coach. $$$/Expensive. Excellent at teaching and facilitating the original writings of college students and adults. He consults with parents of younger students as well. He is an excellent resource in the Nashville area.
Mary: Peter has greatly assisted me in writing papers both in college and occasionally in grad school. Talking out my ideas for papers with him has greatly helped me to be able to show teachers what I know. My writing ability has grown leaps and bounds since starting to work with him. He is a skilled writer himself and is incredibly patient and kind. His presence in my life has been truly a gift.



canteach4@aol.com K-6, Middle, HighSchool; Reading, Writing, Spelling; $$/Medium. Scottish Rite, Multi-Sensory Teaching Approach (MTA).
Anabele: the best one in Keller, TX.

KRISTY HAVARD 2807 Pine Mills Rd League City, TX khavard124@gmail.com K-6; $$/Medium. Math, Spelling, Writing, Reading, Touch Math, Spelling, Neuhaus.

MELISSA JACKSON The Woodlands, TX 77380
mejacks@swbell.net Phone: 281-292-4397. K-6, Middle, High School, Adult; Reading, Writing, Spelling, Math; $$/Medium. Neuhaus Basic Language Skills, Lindamood Bell, Touch Math. M.Ed. in Reading, currently pursuing Level II Dyslexia Therapist Certification.

SHERI SANDERSON Study Solutions of El Paso 1013 Singing Hills Drive El Paso, TX 79912
sheri@studysolutionselpaso.com Phone: 915-588-8450. K-6, Middle, High School, College, Adult; $/Low. Barton, Lindamood Bell, Touch Math.

MRS. TONEY  Dyslexia Therapist Duncanville, TX
dtoney4@yahoo.com K-6. Reading, Writing, Spelling. $ Low Alphabetic phonics program. I am the dyslexic teacher for a school district. I am also licensed by the state as a dyslexic therapist with a Masters in Dyslexic Therapy from Mississippi College. Check out a book I wrote about my life as a dyslexic student called “Don’t Erase the Board” by Dede Dorsey Toney.



AMANDA BRADSHAW  1098 N 50 E  Orem, UT 84057 bradshawtutoring@gmail.com Phone: (801) 471-8281. K-6, Middle, High School, Adult; Reading, Spelling, Adult Basic Literacy. $$/Medium. Barton, SPIRE Reading Program (Orton Gillingham).

GAYLE KNAPP PO Box 411 Providence, UT 84332 keletica@yahoo.com Phone: 435-752-8995. K-6, Middle, High School, College Entrance, College, Adult; Reading, Writing, Spelling, Math, Adult Basic Literacy. $/Low-$$/Medium (depending on travel). Barton, own “programs” for science and math. Although most of my tutoring focuses on dyslexia, I am a trained scientist and can tutor in most areas of science, including Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Astronomy. I have also been a long-term (3-5 months) middle school math substitute teacher. Additionally, I incorporate study skills into much of my tutoring. Without solid, good study habits, even the non-dyslexia student struggles.



BETTY MACOMBER 1 in5 Dyslexic Tutoring Woodbridge, VA  rssdtutor@gmail.com Phone:  571-296-8558 K-6, Middle, high School; Reading, Writing, Spelling. $$/Medium-$/Low. Barton, Lindamood Bell.
Allison: Betty Macomber has been such an amazing help to our daughter! Not only does she offer the skills of a Certified Barton Tutor, but also the patience from being a Mom of a dyslexic student. This perfect combination has helped tremendously when working with our daughter during a tough time in the curriculum. From her own personal experience, she has been able to not only guide my daughter along the reading program, but has also helped to recommend other helpful steps in the journey of providing complete care. We are so grateful for all of her efforts!
Lindsey: She’s terrific!! We love her so much. She’s especially good with kids.
Julie: no comments.
Jen: Betty Macomber is an amazing tutor and has been such a help with our boys!
Jamie: Betty is a certified advanced tutor for the Barton program, LiPS provider and Dyslexia consultant. Betty tutored my daughter and completed the Barton program with her. We are so very pleased with how much it has helped our daughter with dyslexia. Betty is warm, patient, skilled and so familiar with the material that she is able to easily help her students grasp the information and apply it, all within a comfortable, easygoing session. I highly recommend her!
Kimberly: I highly recommend Betty as your tutor. She is highly professional and knowledgeable on many levels regarding learning disabilities; dyslexia being one of those. She has a special rapport with her students, and does not lump them together. Her approach to each student is highly individualized. I have two children who are not only progressing, but excelling in certain academic areas, thanks to Betty’s leadership in tutoring.

CAROLYN GROVE Homeschool Resources Group 2101 Maywill St Richmond, VA 23230 info@homeschoolresourcesgroup.org  Phone: 804-410-4474. K-6, Middle, High School, College, Adult. $/Low. Reading, Spelling. Homeschoolers receive discount. Barton.
Shari: No comments.

CAROLYN BERRY VCLA Tutoring King George, VA 22485 carolynberry@vclatutoring.com, Phone: 5420-625-2184. K-6, Middle, High School, College Entrance Exams, College, Adult Assistive Technology, Executive Function/Organization, Math, Spelling, Writing, Reading. $$/Medium. Writing – Paragraph and Essay, Wilson, Touch Math, Spelling, Singapore Math, Singapore Grammar, Orton-Gillingham, iReady. Additional Comments: I hand pick all the teachers who work with me — 12 total. Most are certified in special education or gifted education; two left their school systems because of abuse in providing services to students with disabilities. The others try to stand their ground and try to correct injustices.



CANDACE COHEN BAILEY ConnectedKidz Tacoma, WA 98405 candacecohen70@gmail.com or connectedkidz123@gmail.com  Phone: 360-672-7300. K-6, Middle School, College; Reading, Writing (Paragraph & Essay), Spelling, Executive Function / Organization, $/Low-$$/Medium. Barton, Lindamood Bell, Orton-Gillingham, Scottish Rite, Slingerland, Wilson.
Lisa: Candace changed my son’s life! She is amazing.
Jennifer: Candace is wonderful to work with! Both our boys find their time with her engaging and supportive.  My husband and I have been so grateful to have the support and guidance of her expertise with our sons’ learning. She is the best!!!  Julie: Candace is wonderful! She is so knowledgeable and has shared this knowledge with us freely! She has helped our son and understand what is going on and what he needs to do in order to work with the challenges he has. She has a special way of teaching and connecting with our son. He loves her and she gets him to work. She adjusts the sessions based on what our son can handle but she also pushes him when he can handle it. She knows him well enough to know when she can or can’t push him and he responses to it. I love watching her work with my son because she is amazing. She has been so helpful with ideas, websites, etc. as we’ve tried to work with the school to get our son what he really needs and not what ‘they’ think he needs. Candace was also instrumental in helping us find a neuropsychologist that we could afford in order to have our son tested. This has made everything from life at home, tutoring and school so much better for him (and our family). We are so grateful that she’s working with our son!
Brooks: Emotional support for parents/children as they work through processing dyslexia and related issues.

3206 50th St CT NW #107 Gig Harbor, WA 98335
info@hol-solutions.com Phone: 253-857-8188 K-6, Middle, High School, College, Adult; Reading, Writing, Math, Spelling, Executive Function/Organization, Adult Basic Literacy; $$/Medium. Writing – Paragraph and Essay, Spelling, Lindamood Bell, Barton, Auditory Processing help.
Kristin: Laura really helped me understand dyslexia and how it relates to my children.

MRS. ANTHONY – SUCCESSFUL LEARNING EDUCATIONAL SERVICES 10000 NE 7th Ave Ste 120 Vancouver, WA 98685 www.successfullrng.com Phone: 360-326-4739. K-6, Middle, High School; Reading, Writing, Spelling, Math, Executive Function/Organization; $$/Medium. Barton, Lindamood Bell (Visualizing/Verbalizing, Cloud Nine), Making Math Meaningful, Making Math Real, Nine Lines, Seeing My Time, Telling Time, Visual Tools for Executive Functioning Success, Handwriting Without Tears.
Margaret: Mrs. Anthony is thorough and professional, as well as compassionate towards the struggles these kids face. She totally understands the reality of what must be overcome, and has the means to make it happen for them. Yes, it will be expensive. Yes, it will take time, even a long time. But the cost of NOT giving a child the tools they need to succeed is…astronomical. She will also tell you if she can’t help you, and where else you might need to look. She is outstanding.

SOMMER HOLT Skagit Valley Dyslexia Solutions 404 S First St Ste 206 Mt Vernon, WA 98273 sommerholt@me.com Phone: 360-420-6258 K-6, Middle, High School, College, College Entrance Exams, Adult; Reading, Writing Spelling, Math, College/Life Coach; Assistive Technology. Barton, Touch Math, Slingerland, Lindamood Bell Sommer Holt is Certified in the Barton Reading and Spelling Program and trained in the Lindamood Bell LiPS and Seeing Stars programs. With over 8 years of experience she is also well versed in the latest assistive technology, and has practical experience navigating the school system.
Melanie: No comments.
Colleen: I can’t express how pleased we are with our daughter’s progress with this program and our amazing tutor Sommer Holt! She is absolutely wonderful!
Joann: I would recommend Skagit Valley Dyslexia Solutions to anybody. A great business to work with.
Lindsey: Sommer has done great with my Son. She is extremely patient and very encouraging. My son has shown a ton of growth with his reading and spelling. Sommer is very knowledgeable and always has great suggestions for us. If you are in the area and looking for a tutor I highly recommend Sommer.

TAMMY SCHROETER Whatcom Open Book Tutoring Bellingham, WA 98229 whatcomopenbook@gmail.com Phone: 360-318-3079 K-6; Reading, Spelling, Barton, Special Education Teacher.
Barbara: no comments.
Anne: Tammy is insightful, resourceful and firm. She is flexible and relates well with my son. He is making good progress under her tutelage.

LISSA WILSON Summit Scholastics 5620 112th St E Puyallup, WA
lissailwson@summitscholastics.com  Phone: 253-592-2677. K-6, Middle, High School, College, Adult; Reading, Writing, Spelling, Math, Executive Function/Organization, College/Life Coach, Assistive Technology; $$/Medium-$$$/Expensive. Barton, Lindamood Bell, Singapore Grammar, Singapore Math, Spelling, Writing – Paragraph & Essay All About Spelling, How to Teach Spelling (OG), Diana Hanbury King, Sopris Rewards Books, Landmark School. Publications for Executive Function and Study Skills Comments: After homeschooling with my own two twice exceptional dyslexic/dysgraphic children for the last 7 years, I have decided to use my Master’s in Teaching and teacher certification to open a dyslexia tutoring office. In the next few months I will be completing the official Orton-Gillingham training and certification for teachers through the Institute for Multi-Sensory education. My husband, who has a Masters in Clinical Psychology, will also be assisting with various aspects of our practice.

RUBY IDE Life Hacks Tutoring
64308 N River Rd 99320 lifehackstutor@gmail.com Phone: 509-439-0703. K-6, Middle and High School, Adult Trained in Wired for Reading, LLC and Spaulding, homeschool educator, public school workshop coach. $$/Medium. I love kids and want to help give them tools to succeed. I work alongside parents to help them find the best solutions. I am working toward certification in Wired for Reading and will offer my services at a discount while building my business.



KRISTI DAVIS 22 E McClur Drive  Scott Depot, WV 25560 staatsk@me.com K-6, Middle, High School; Reading, Writing, Spelling; $$/Medium. Barton.
Sherry: Kristi took my daughter from a 2nd grade reading level to a 9th grade reading level… she was kind and loving and yet firm enough to keep my daughter motivated.
Elisha: Kristi is a wonderful tutor! My son has made great progress because of her effective use of Barton methods and kind, compassionate demeanor. I highly recommend Kristi as a tutor.



ERVIN CARPENTER Wisconsin Institute for Learning
Disabilities & Dyslexia Grand Canyon Drive Madison, WI 53719 madison@wildd.org Phone: 608-824-8980. K-6, Middle School, High School, College, Adult; Reading, Writing, Spelling, Adult Basic Literacy. $$/Medium with sliding scale. wildd.org
Nira: The Wisconsin Institute for Learning Disabilities & Dyslexia is a non-profit organization started by my great friend, Mr. Ervin Carpenter, a gifted dyslexic, previously a Special Education teacher, who was also the first director of the Children’s Dyslexia Learning Center (Masonic Learning Center) in Madison, WI. Provider of WI State Dept. of Workforce Development/Division of Vocational Rehabilitation & WI VA.

HEIDI THORSTAD Time for You Tutoring Beaver Dam, WI 53916 timeforyoututoring@gmail.com Phone: 920-219-4052. K-6, Middle, High School, College, Adult; Reading, Writing, Spelling, Adult Basic Literacy; $$/Medium. Barton, Wilson.

JACKIE CARTER Communication Sensation 6230 Monona Drive Madison, WI 53703 jackie@communicationsensation.com  Phone: 262-949-4119. Preschool, K-6, Middle, High School; Reading, Writing, Spelling, Speech and Language disabilities; $$/Medium. Barton, Lindamood Bell, RAVE-O, Slingerland, Spelling, Wilson, Project Read, Go Phonics, Speech language therapy evaluations and treatment.

Peter Ducklow Dyslexia Reading Connection (non-profit) 2935 N Ballard Rd Ste 1 Appleton, WI 54911 Phone: 920-931-4397.
pete@dyslexiareadingconnection.com K-6, Middle, High School, Adult; Reading, Writing, Spelling, Math; $$/Medium – with financial aid to those who qualify (federal guidelines). Barton, Math manipulatives.



RIINA MAKK  Makk Solutions Toronto, Ontario Canada riina@makk.com, Phone: 647-295-4479. K-6, Middle School, High School; Reading, Writing, Spelling; $$/Medium. Barton.
Monica: no comments.

CANADIAN DYSLEXIA CENTRE 250 City Center Ave Ottawa, Ontario J9J-1K5 info@dyslexiacentre.ca  Phone:  613-853-6539 K-6, Middle, HIgh School, College Entrance Exams, College, Adult; Reading, Writing, Spelling, Adult Basic Literacy. $$/Medium. SMT Method (English), La methode EMS (Francais), Ensenanza Multisensorial Simultanea (Spanish).

JUDY MOSIONDZ Manitoba, Canada
gandjmo@gmail.com K-6, Adult; Reading, Writing, Spelling, Math. Barton, Handwriting Without Tears, Lindamood Bell, Touch Math.

MONICA HOUGH Beaches Reading Clinic 23 Norway Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M4L 1P7  monica_hough@yahoo.ca Phone: 416-319-7921. K-6, Middle, High School, College Entrance, College, Adults; Reading, Writing, Spelling, Executive Function/Organization. Barton Reading & Spelling, Distar Fast Cycle Reading, Advocacy.

PHILIP POWEL SMITH Ottawa, Ontario Canada
info@meadowlark.ca, Phone: 613-565-9889. Middle, High School, College, Adult; Reading, Writing Spelling, Math, Executive Function/Organization, Assistive Technology, College/Life Coach; $$/Medium.



CHRISTOPHER MCKITTRICK ACADEMY AT HOME 25 Ballyclare Rd Newtownabbey Antrim United Kingdom
info@academyathome.co.uk  Phone: 02895434270. K-6, Middle, High School, Adult; Reading, Writing, Spelling, Math, Executive Function/Organization, Adult Basic Literacy, Assistive Technology; $/Low. Orton-Gillingham multi-sensory approach to help with Dyslexia. Screen for learning disorders. Cognitive behaviour therapy to help with those affected by ADD/ADHD and ASD. Cogmed Working Training Centre. Singapore Math training for Teachers and Students.
David: No comments.