Dyslexia Test – Mild Dyslexia

According to the answers given, your score test is between 45 to 60[br]

You are showing signs consistent with mild dyslexia*

Research results: most of those who were in this category showed signs of being at least moderately dyslexic. However, a number of persons not previously diagnosed as dyslexic (though they could just be unrecognized and undiagnosed) fell into this category. Keep in mind that comprehensive dyslexia testing by a professional is required to make formal determinations of dyslexia.


*Results from the Adults Test – what it all means.

The research and development of the checklist has provided a valuable insight into the diversity of difficulties and is a clear reminder that every individual is different and should be treated and assessed as such. However, it is also interesting to note that a number of questions, the answers to which are said to be characteristics of dyslexic adults, are commonly found in the answers of non-dyslexics.It is important to remember that this test does not constitute an assessment of one’s difficulties. It is just an indication of some of the areas in which you or the person you are assessing may have difficulties. However this questionnaire may provide a better awareness of the nature of an individual’s difficulties and may indicate that further professional assessment would be helpful.
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