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Dyslexic Advantage Premium Magazine is a Monthly Magazine with exclusive articles, videos, and webinars providing inspirational stories, practical information, and tips for parents, teachers and tutors, and dyslexic adults. Premium Members can log in and read issues now HERE.

Subscribers have access to all previous issues of Dyslexic Advantage  Premium including exclusive webinars, interviews and Question and Answers.

Past magazines have included:

Gifted with Dysgraphia

Working Memory Hacks

Imposter Syndrome

New Dyslexia Gene and Auditory Processing

Top School Early Dyslexia Screeners

Tips for Teaching Math

How to Remember

Spelling Strategies

Dyslexia MIND – Wired for Innovation

“Smart” Executive Function

Exclusive Writing Webinar with Dr. Nicole Swedberg

Could Dyslexia and Dysgraphia Affect IQ?

Dyslexia and IQ: What Must You Know?

Writing Without Reversals

Multisensory Learning

Dyslexia and Math: Algebra

A School Psychologist Asks: How Do I Identify Dyslexia?

Gifted Dyslexics at School

Finding Life’s Calling – Rebecca Kamen

Are Your a Visual Thinker?

From Lemonade Stand to CEO- Adam Kearney

Summer Ideas for Entrepreneur Kids

Boys vs. Girls – Why Boys are Falling Behind

How to Help Boys in the Classroom

Dyslexia and Foreign Language

Writing Tips for Kids Who Hate to Write

Are Standardized Tests making Kids Anxious?

Strategies to Reduce Anxiety in the Classroom

What Would You Do?  2nd Grader Dyslexia and Reading;

Word Learning, Boosting Vocabulary

How to Thrive – Developing Self-Efficacy

Music and Dyslexia

Dyslexia and Speech Difficulties

Dyslexia for Teachers in 5 Minutes (Video)

Latest Research Dyslexia, ADHD, and Giftedness

Modifying Tests for Dyslexics and ELL

What Works for Dyslexia and RTI

Doing Math: Inchworm vs. Grasshopper

Super Strategies: How to Help with Elaboration

Phonics and Auditory Processing

Research: Huh? Seeing But Not Hearing – Inattentional Deafness with Visual Overload

Talking to the College Board

What is Dyscalculia? Fast Facts

This is Your Brain on Phonics – fMRI and Dyslexia

The Truth About Multi-Tasking



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