Q: I’m trying to help a friend who’s having some difficulties at work. What resources are available for adults?


A: As you may already know, there are many more resources for children than adults when it comes to dyslexia testing and support. Not all assessment professionals will have the training or materials to test adults, so it’s best to ask before booking an appointment.

For adults working at large corporations, it may be possible to have both the assessment and even recommendations (like training in assistive technology) paid for by the company. The potential benefits also have to be weighed with the negative risks that formally informing your company about your dyslexia could potentially have.

For workplace questions, we usually refer people to https://www.askjan.org (phone: (800)526-7234). Free or low cost testing is sometimes available from local community colleges, but disability offices may also require that you be enrolled in at least one credit course. Other resources to check would be your state LDA (Learning Disabilities Association) or IDA (International Dyslexia Association) or Department of Vocational Rehabilitation (may have slightly different names).

There are workplace consultants or coaches that you can also hire privately to give you helpful strategies and training to better manage in the workplace. Here in the US there are surprisingly few dyslexia-specific workplace consultants; nevetheless, more general work or ADD / organizational coaches may still be helpful.

Adults grappling with moderate to severe dyslexia may find help from free literacy centers at their public library or the non-profit ProLiteracy.

* For parents looking for free tutoring resources, Scottish Rite Dyslexia Centers are available in some states for testing and tutoring. Free tutoring may also be available through the public library or non-profits, but although they may provide remediation for phonics, they are not dyslexia-specific in their approaches.

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