macgyver-dyslexia-henry-winklerMacGyver’s making a comeback and CBS just posted its first look below. If you grew up in the 80’s, you’ll know MacGyver as a secret agent who managed to engineer ingenious devices with simple homemade materials. If MacGyver reminded you of a dyslexic engineer in your home, you should be surprised that there was a great dyslexic mind behind the MacGyver series (and also it’s comeback!). It’s none other than…. Henry Winkler!

Here’s Wikipedia’s description of MacGyver:

The series revolved around MacGyver, whose main asset is his practical application of scientific knowledge and inventive use of common items‍—‌along with his ever-present Swiss Army knife. The clever solutions MacGyver implemented to seemingly unsolvable problems‍—‌often in life-or-death situations requiring him to improvise complex devices in a matter of minutes‍—‌were a major attraction of the show, which was praised for generating interest in the applied sciences, particularly engineering,and for providing entertaining story lines. All of MacGyver’s exploits on the show were ostensibly vetted to ensure a basis on scientific principles (even though, the creators acknowledged, in real life one would have to be extraordinarily lucky for most of MacGyver’s ideas to succeed).

Henry Winkler (or Sir Henry Winkler, as he has received the Order of the British Empire) talks about his dyslexia from the great interview for the Archive of American Television. In the second half, he talks about how hands-on he really was, pitching the original idea, reading all the scripts, working with the writers, and eventually casting Richard Dean Anderson.

The new great news is that Henry will be executive producing (along with James Wan) the MacGyver remake too (yay!).

“If you know what you want, and you keep your eye on the prize and you move toward it there is no reason you cannot live your dream.” – Henry Winkler