Qué es Dislexia? Spanish card for Parents and Teachers

Qué es Dislexia? Spanish card for Parents and Teachers

Thanks to Luis and a native Spanish speaking colleague for translating our What is Dyslexia? Card for Teachers into Spanish!  It’s available in our store HERE.

This card will be helpful for sharing with Spanish-speaking parents, Spanish-dominant bilingual students, and even native Spanish-speaking teachers. English Language Learners (ELLs) make up more than 14% of all public school enrollments in the US. Many native Spanish speakers may benefit by having card like this in their native language to enhance understanding.

The topic of identifying dyslexia in ELLs is complex – and we’re working on a Dyslexia and ELL card – as well as looking forward to a Dyslexic Advantage webinar in early 2015 with an expert from California. In future posts, we’ll talk about the difficulties of identifying dyslexia in the bilingual population, bilingual challenges of reading and writing that may not be due to dyslexia, and  teaching strategies that have been identified to help.

If you are a native speaker in Spanish and would like to volunteer to help us translate other materials (including videos), please contact Fernette at dyslexicadvantage “at” gmail.com)    and thank you!