Excerpt: “Dyslexia forced me to think outside the conventional cube and maybe that manner of thinking is why I’ve been invited to speak at the US Naval War College, at West Point, at various military and homeland security exercises and at a few strategic studies groups that I probably shouldn’t be talking about here. And I’m just the tip of the iceberg. How many class clowns or troublemakers or dropouts could actually be the innovators of tomorrow if parents and teachers understood that dyslexia is both scientifically proven AND scientifically treatable? ”

Max Brooks nailed it.


For more about Max, check out his interview with the New York Times and Yale Center.

Max Brooks with parents Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft

Max Brooks with parents Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft

Max was a history buff and who also had a brilliant sense of humor. It’s probably no accident that Mel Brooks was his father and that he won an Emmy Award as a Saturday Night Live Writer.

I love what he said about grad school: it was later, in graduate school, that Brooks began to chip away at his unyielding academic unease. “I had made a conscious choice as a responsible young adult to go to graduate school (studying film at American University in D.C.). I knew why I was going. I knew what the goal was. And I owned it all. I was a volunteer, as opposed to elementary school and high school, when I was essentially a draftee.”

Max, thanks for sharing your story so eloquently!