Dyslexia-Gap-Year For many, taking a gap year after formal schooling (high school, college, or graduate school) is important to make a successful step into life – whether it’s more school or the workplace. For dyslexic students, the pros of a gap year include an opportunity to build on strengths in real world abilities that are often not emphasized in the classroom, time to mature (cognitively as well as emotionally), and time to network and discover their passions that will carry them into their next life’s challenge. Pros of a Gap Year

  • Time to recharge – better mindset when return to school
  • Focus priorities, recover from exhausting school responsibilities
  • Time to mature – especially important for late bloomers
  • Positive experiences that help with future careers, positive experiences that enrich life
  • Independence, recover idealism or ambition
  • Time to develop individual talents, work with mentors, volunteer for meaningful experiences
  • Develop an independent path
  • Improve college application, retake college entrance exam
  • Improve work habits, develop work experience
  • Find mentors, visualize future success
  • Improved Motivation to Return to School

Cons of a Gap Year

  • Waste time, lose focus
  • Fall behind, lose skills
  • Miss friends
  • Decide Against Returning to School

For most students, if they choose their gap year well, the benefits far outweigh the negatives. In addition to having some dedicated time to develop their strengths, when they return they often find their classes easier because their nervous systems can handle more and they are more focused about what they want to learn.

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