Our deepest thanks to the over 600 adults who’ve already participated in the survey on M-photo of impossible figure escherStrengths! Due to your help, the Dyslexic Advantage community is truly going to revolutionize the understanding of what it means to be dyslexic!

Because the survey is still ongoing we don’t want to bias the responses of those who haven’t yet participated by releasing results. And we do still need more participants to extract all of the information we should be able to get from these questions.

However, we can say from the data we have so far that the results are even more significant than we expected. They will clearly be extremely useful for the important goal of helping individuals understand and identify their M-Strengths. They will also have profound implications for the way we understand the connection between dyslexia, spatial ability, and other cognitive factors, particularly language. And they will demonstrate the power that we have when we come together as a community.

Please Join Those Who’ve Taken The Survey If You Haven’t Already

For those adults age 18 and over who haven’t yet taken the survey, if you have a few minutes we’d be grateful if you would do so here. If we can get the additional participants we need, we should be able to begin discussing the results within just a few days.

Thanks again to those who’ve taken the survey and have provided so many helpful comments. The things you’ve said have been incredibly insightful will be used in further development. This is how our crowdsourcing goal will come true. Together we truly can change the world!