Top-Dyslexia-App-2016-Voice-DreamVoice Dream is one of our community’s favorite apps for listening to text on the iPhone or iPad. It has a great user interface (especially loved is its connection with Bookshare – because Bookshare provides free electronic texts to individuals certified as having dyslexia), but it also integrates with multiple cloud software like Dropbox and Evernote too.  Importantly, it also image support, word highlighting, annotations, and rich text. For a limited time only, it’s also 33% off. A Voice Dream Bundle that includes Voice Dream Writer and 2 top professional voices is $19.99.

Voice Dream Reader also has a new update that will make it more attractive to readers who want to improve their reading speed – there’s a finger reading mode for some readers, but also a Pac Man mode that can set words to disappear before they are spoken, improving reading speed for even non-dyslexies.  Check it out – it’s a beautiful app!  Thanks Winston!

Top Dyslexia App 2016 - Voice Dream Reader