During the comshutterstock_111676664ing months many of us will be spending lots of time on road trips. If
you’re dyslexic yourself or have a dyslexic child, we’ve found something that can make those long drives a lot more interesting.

It’s the Roadside Geology Series from Mountain Press Publishing Company.

Since the first book in the series was published in 1972, the list has grown to 24 titles, covering much (but unfortunately not yet all) of the US.

One thing that makes these books so great is that their chapters are organized by the routes you’ll be traveling in your car. It’s almost like having your own tour guide along for the ride: “Coming up on your right you’ll see a sodium vent…”

The books give great descriptions of tshutterstock_124389253he land features you can see from your car, what they’re composed of, how they were formed, and all the evidence of the various geological process that created the landscape features that you can see around you.

In short, they’re the perfect companion for the dyslexic person who (a) likes to keep their mind occupied (b) notices everything (c) likes to know how things work, and (d) is good at imagining how forces can create change over time.

You can read about the series at the Mountain Press website here: https://mountain-press.com/series_detail.php?series_key=2. The books can be purchased direct from theSlide1 publisher, and also ordered from many booksellers, including major online retailers.