Scott Sandell - Dyslexia - Venture Capitalist - Silicon ValleyDon’t miss this riveting talk by Scott Sandell, one of the tech VC powerhouses of Silicon Valley. Scott only learned about his dyslexia as an adult when his daughter was identified in school.

“The advantage of the dyslexic brain is that you can understand complex things more quickly and you can synthesize the more difficult concepts in high school and college, but the early stuff is brutal, and I was clearly a rudimentary student in many subjects, until I got at least into middle school and then climbed my way up to near the top of my class in high school.

But the scars are deep. I don’t really think I was a significantly above average person in terms of intelligence until my senior year in college when I applied for a job at the Boston Consulting Group, which is a firm that consults to high level executives of big companies typically, and helps them solve their hardest problems…strategic problems, that’s what they call strategic consulting….And somehow I managed to get an interview. My GPA was way below the average of people that got interviews. They were hiring 5 people and they were interviewing 1000 Ivy League graduates. They were interviewing 5 people and I was the one who got the job. It was not because of my GPA, it was because I found…and I think this one of the key lessons for anyone who has dyslexia…you have to find a place that plays to your strengths.”  – Super Investor Scott Sandell, Chairman of the National Venture Capital Association and serial Midas Lister with industry-busting investments in Data Domain, Bloom Energy, Salesforce, tableau, Cloudflare, Webex, Workday, Coursera