girl looking at bookWhy are there so many extraordinary dyslexic writers? There are Pulitzer and Nobel Prize in Literature winners, award winning screenwriters, journalists, children’s book authors, poets, mystery authors, and everything in between.  Many dyslexic children and adults seem to be natural storytellers, although it may be difficult to get all their thoughts down on paper.

The ability of dyslexic writers to see events from different perspectives, to vividly recall personal or sensory details, abilities to imagine, and tell stories with feeling, humor, and voice, are all ingredients that can be seen among the best.

But with these strengths, often come significant challenges getting stories down on paper.


Also don’t forget that Rebecca teaches a wonderful course for teachers and homeschooling parents through Writers Studio, Teaching Creative Writing to Dyslexics. Writers Studio is the brainchild of dyslexic Pulitzer Prize winning poet Philip Schultz and multi-talented Monica Banks.