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Hi-Lo Books for Dyslexic Students

‘Hi-Low’ books are books of high interest and low readability / vocabulary that often can help hook dyslexic students and other reluctant readers on reading.

This Reading Mama has a great list that include such great titles as the Minecraft Handbook, Magic Treehouse books (fiction and non-fiction), National Geographic Kids magazines or special publishers like Barrington […]

How Harry Potter Taught Me to Read and Now I’m a Writer

“When I was 12 my older sister had recently discovered Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling. She started to read it to me once a day, however, the story was so gripping that once a day was just not enough for me. The exciting and alluring nature of Rowling’s writing drove me to pick up a […]

Great Graphic Novels and Comics for Dyslexic Kids

Here are some great dyslexia-friendly choices for graphic novels and comics this holiday season. All of the above books have relatively readable fonts and most are part of a series so that if your student likes one, more can follow. For more popular graphic novel and comic books for kids, click HERE. Some of the […]