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Our Vision is a World Where Dyslexic Individuals are Known for their Strengths


With so much focus on reading for children with dyslexia, the choice of a wordless picture book might seem to be unusual, but it shouldn’t be. Dyslexic children should be exposed to wordless picture books at an early age, and also be encouraged to continue read them even when they are older. In many […]

Reading Picture Books Aloud for Better Vocabulary

Reading picture books aloud to children has 2-3x higher likelihood of introducing new vocabulary words according to Dominic Massaro, Professor at University of California Santa Cruz.

From Edsource (HT: DD-CO)

“We talk with a lazy tongue,” Massaro said. “We tend to point at something or use a pronoun and the context tells you what it is. We […]

Free Read-Along Online Books for Beginning and Elementary Readers

Here’s a great resource for all early readers: the Free Preview Site from Tumblebooks. The preview site with full-length books is completely free, but for the full library, check out your public library (you maybe able to access from home with your library card number) or school.  There are chapter books and graphic novels for […]