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Our Vision is a World Where Dyslexic Individuals are Known for their Strengths

SAT and Dyslexia – Battling the College Board

Excerpt: “Since 2003, the percentage of applications that are denied has quietly and rapidly risen by 25 percent, even though the number of test takers who are identified with legitimate learning disabilities has grown. A mere 2 percent take the test with accommodations, contrasted with the 10 to 20 percent of kids who probably […]

Science, College, and Dyslexia – Top Young Scientist Melissa Rey

Pomona College student in Cognitive Sciences, Melissa was named America’s Top Young Scientist by Discovery 3M, in addition to receiving the Smart Kids with LD Youth Achievement Award and Buick Achievers Scholarship ($25,000 per year for college). Melissa also designed and co-organized Summer Science Camp for Girls which is now in its 3rd year.

Melissa […]

Science, Business School, and Dyslexia – College and Grad School Perspectives

Current Masters in Business student shares his experiences from growing up on a farm with dyslexia (but not formally diagnosed until college) to discovering strengths in science and business, work in a lab designing games for the mobility-impaired, and current graduate degree in Business.