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Ways to Keep Math Alive

With a little twist, card games like War and Go Fish can be used to help kids hold onto math facts and math manipulations over the summer. If War (higher card win) is too simple, then Subtraction War (figuring out the difference between two cards) might be just the right amount of […]

POSITIVE Dyslexia: A New Dyslexic Nobel Prize Winner

“During my youth, I was quite asocial. I had a lot of difficulty with the world. Every ten years, I found, it got a little better. Now things are going quite well.” – Jacques Dubochet
There’s no better reminder that awareness needs to include the positive side of dyslexia than a recent Nobel Prize winner […]

Teaching Chemistry to Students with Dyslexia [Premium]

Although High School Chemistry is required for many of the top 4 year liberal arts colleges and college Chemistry is a necessary requirement for many majors and careers that many dyslexic students excel in like engineering or medicine, there is a surprising lack of resources available to students having their first encounter with chemistry  – and […]
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